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When I started showing my quick makeup routines on Instagram, I was overwhelmed by the response. It’s not just me, it seems like everyone wants to learn how to do their makeup quickly and efficiently these days. Of course, I have different routines for different occasions, but most days this is what I do. Quick, easy, simple, effective. I can apply it in the time it takes my daughter to get her socks and shoes on (with dad’s help of course) and I feel good without slowing everyone down. The foundation evens out my skin tone, mascara opens my eyes, and brushing my brows pulls it all together. Here are the steps I take, the products I use, and tips on how to curate your 30-second routine.


Get Even

I feel way more confident when I know my skin looks even. Vapour’s Soft Focus Foundation eliminates any redness or hyperpigmentation and is the perfect medium between lightweight and full coverage. TIP: I apply it with my hands because it melts the foundation into my skin so it looks much more natural.

Lashes, Lashes, Lashes!

Lashes are always the number one thing people can’t leave the house without and I’m one of them! It makes me look and feel so much more awake. Lately, I’ve been loving Ilia’s Limitless Lash Mascara. I go heavy on the top, and add just a light coat to the bottom.

TIP: Practice applying your mascara in different ways to see what works best for your eye shape. My favorite way is to concentrate on just the far outer lashes so my eye looks longer. Your eyes might look good with a heavy coat of bottom mascara, no bottom mascara, or loads of mascara in the middle of your top lashes.

Give A Little Fluff

It’s the 21st century and it’s all about the brow! I’m lucky enough to have good brows (nightly castor oil helps a lot 🙂 so I keep it simple in the morning with a quick fluff. Swipe up and away from your face and set with brow gel if you have time. TIP: I get my wands on Amazon- they’re super affordable and you can reuse them.

Hydrate and Go!

Who could forget the lips? My favorite chapstick has been Osmia Organic’s Lip Doctor. It’s made with coco butter and smells amazing! It brings just the right amount of moisture to my lips. Then I add a little bit of color to my skin by pinching my cheeks, and I’m all set! Ready for a busy day. TIP: You can pinch your lips a little bit too. It brings blood flow so your lips are the perfect shade of pink. For days when you want blush or lipstick, find your perfect shade match by coordinating with your natural flushed color.

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