6 Steps to Ultra Hydrated Skin

There are two big secrets to super healthy skin (and a healthy body) that people don’t talk enough about. 1. Hydration, hydration, hydration. 2. Banishing inflammation. If you can manage those two things, you’re 85% on your way to gorgeous skin. Hydration is the key to plump, even, healthy-looking skin. And banishing inflammation helps you look more awake and skin more healthy. Here’s a routine that I like to do in the morning to get ultra hydrated, depuffed skin. It’s 6 steps, but they are quick quick quick, and I’m out the door, or ready for makeup.



Post cleansing, start your hydration routine with a super rich serum. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this before… ‘What goes first, the serum or the oil?’ Truth be told, there is no totally wrong answer. But I like to start with my serums because they are delivering the biggest action and the most active ingredients, so I want them to be super close to my skin and easy to sink in. I’m also a believer of lightest to heaviest, serum being lighter, oil being heavier.

I like Osea Malibu’s Hyaluronic Sea Serum because it goes straight to work, targeting fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid is a buzzy ingredient right now, and for good reason. It works as a moisture magnet to pull water into the skin so it looks more full and plump.

Use Your Tools

Gua sha’s and jade rollers look beautiful on your vanity, but they serve a purpose too! I use these tools daily to decrease inflammation, bring blood flow to the surface of my skin, and push my serum deep into the layers of my skin so that my body absorbs their full benefits. It’s also super relaxing. I’ll do a little bit in the morning, but it’s at night when the real magic happens. I keep my jade roller next to my bed and go to town as I’m watching tv.

We have a whole article on gua sha’s and why they’re amazing! You can read that here 🙂

Add Antioxidants

It might seem strange but I actually apply another serum after I’m sure the first one’s soaked in. This one provides a totally different function though. This one is for protection. Indie Lee makes my favorite Stem Cell Repair Serum. As it firms and tones the skin, it also increases collagen production and protects my skin against pollutants. My complexion has gotten so much clearer skin using this every day. Alpine Rose is the secret protective ingredient here, but any serum high in antioxidants such as Vitamin C or Vitamin E will do the trick.

Oil Up

A few drops of an oil or moisturizer really saturates my skin in hydration. There are a million oils to choose from at all different price points, but Kjaer Weis’ Beautiful Oil is a forever favorite (at night time I use my other favorite Vintner’s Daughter). It’s the perfect balance of nourishing and light for my skin. Everyone’s skin is different, so those with more sensitive skin will like something with high concentrations of jojoba oil, while more mature or dehydrated skin might need something high in olive oil. We have a whole article about that too which you can read here.

Kjaer Weis blends sweet almond, oil and jojoba oil with Dioscorea Batatas extract- a special botanical described as ‘revealing the divine light within’. Now if that doesn’t sound good to you, I don’t know what will.

Under Eye

I always apply my under eye cream or oil after my serums. It just feels right. Ever since it came out, I’ve been obsessed with Follain’s Eye-Opening Rose Oil– their collab with French Girl Organics. The oil is moisturizing and promotes cell turnover, but the rollerball is what really makes this special. I keep it in my refrigerator so that the metal ball is extra cool and depuffs while I apply. When shopping for a clean eye treatment, consider the packaging. A cool metal roller can go a loooooong way.

Please Protect

Serums and oils can and do work magic, but all their good will be undone without a good, strong sunscreen! I apply one every single day, rain or shine. I’m currently loving Supergoop! Mineral Sunscreen. I love it because it’s so smooth and soaks right in.

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