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8 Days of Eye Cream

Although we’re the ones normally doling out beauty advice, today I want to ask you a question: At what age did you start thinking about aging? When did you start to notice fine lines and wrinkles forming between your eyebrows and around your eyes, sun spots popping up, and smile lines that didn’t go away when you stopped smiling?

As beauty enthusiasts, it’s easy for us to spot even the most minuscule of changes to our skin, far before anyone else can (trust us), because we constantly monitor and analyze changes in our skin to see if that new product we’re trying out really did its job. For most of us, these early-signs-of-aging brings on the realization that ‘no, we actually really won’t be young forever.’ It’s scary because we don’t know how to age. We’ve never been anything but young before.

But we don’t talk about anti-aging here because, well, you CAN’T anti-age. There’s no such thing. As nice as it would be to have pre-teen skin forever (sans pimples and age spots), we can’t. And truthfully, we shouldn’t want to. Those scars and those spots came with wisdom, experiences, and memories that (even if we could) we wouldn’t want to trade for flawless skin.

Instead, we like to think of it more like ‘pro-aging’. We ask ourselves, what can we add, subtract, or change in our routines to make sure we age with grace and confidence? Doesn’t that just feel so much better?

Eye cream is a big business in anti-aging. I hate to be the one to tell you this but there is no eye cream that will reverse deep-set wrinkles. There just isn’t and there never will be. But there are a lot of really lovely eye creams that hydrate your under eyes so they look fuller, brighter, and a little bit firmer too. It gives you just that extra boost of confidence. This is pro-aging in action, not trying to change our features, but embrace them. Below is a handy guide break down of our favorite clean eye creams, so you can find the eye cream that will work best for you and start pro-aging:


First Timers

Eye cream, eye serum, clean beauty, non-toxic beauty, The Moment, best non-toxic eye creams, best phthalate-free eye creams, best paraban-free eye creams,


Best For On-The-Go

Any time Follain collabs with one of their favorite clean brands, magic happens. Such is the case for Follain and French Girl Organic’s Eye Opening Rose Oil. The oil formula instantly makes your eyes feel (and look) brighter and more awake. The Vitamin C and E rich formulation add an antioxidant boost to protect skin and promote cell turnover. It also blends seamlessly with any and all face oils (no white cast in sight). The cool metal application ball lends a bonus de-puffing action. Laney just included it in her Ultra Hydrating Skincare Routine. $42.

Best Affordable

We’ve recommended 100% Pure’s Caffeine Eye Cream more times than I can count. We even endorsed it as a great clean swap for the famed Garnier’s Eye Roller in a recent #CleanEdit. Nothing works as wonderfully as caffeine to seriously depuff under eyes. Plus caffeine is full of antioxidants that keep that delicate area looking fresh and youthful. $26.

Best Under Makeup

Indie Lee makes the most beautiful skincare formulas that are suitable for all skin types, so it was about time they made a rich eye serum to join the line-up. Their I-Waken serum is the epitome of soothing and refreshing. It’s super light, so it’s easy to wear under your concealer in the morning, or to dab on at night. Key ingredients to highlight are Witch Hazel and Chamomille to provide a one-two punch against dark circles and puffiness. But in all honesty, this serum is FULL of all sorts of amazing natural ingredients.

Because it’s a serum, this formula feels especially light and cooling. We can’t wait to see what it does for our eyes in the summer heat too! $48.

Tried and True

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Best For Sensitive Skin

Believe it or not, Pai’s Echium Gentle Eye Cream was the first eye cream I’d ever called ‘mine’. Seriously. And it feels very true to form for an eye cream- smooth and white and soaks in quickly. But if you know Pai, you know they’re sensitive skin masters. They are one of the few brands that know how to create an active formula that visibly does something without causing irritation or sensitivity. This cream contains Gamma Linolenic Acid and Stearidonic Acids to smooth the appearance of fine lines, but it’s extraordinarily gently and well suited for mature, dry, and sensitive skin types.

You’ve felt this eye cream before. It’s like the rich white eye cream you pulled off of your mother’s vanity when you were young. Creamy and delicious, but way, WAY cleaner. $54.


Crowd Favorite

Vitamin E obsessees rejoice. One Love Organics Eye Balm is packed to the gills with VE and is the best all the time, any time eye balm to keep your skin ultra hydrated. Customize it by packing more on at night before bed for deep moisturizing action, almost like it’s a mini facial for your under eyes. This is a well loved among The Moment team and a crowd favorite at stores like Credo and Detox Market.

This balm just melts right in, and you feel and see the hydrating effects for hours and hours! Overall, completely awesome. $49.

Heavy Hitters

Eye cream, eye serum, clean beauty, non-toxic beauty, The Moment, best non-toxic eye creams, best phthalate-free eye creams, best paraban-free eye creams,

Best Reviewed

Would this really be an eye cream roundup without talking about at least one Tata Harper formula? They have a family of four creams (one to suit any eye area), all of which are excellently reviewed. The Restorative Eye Cream covers all your bases by addressing fine lines, dryness and dark circles. It’s a little bit pricey but it’s one you’re sure to love.

A little goes a long way. Give this cream a minute to soak in before layering on makeup. You’ll get addicted to the scent too. It’s so good! $98.

Best New Tech

The best thing about new clean beauty is the technological advancements they bring to the game. Dr. Loretta’s Tightening Eye Gel cleans up the appearance of crows-feet and lifts the contours of your eye while fading uneven pigmentation and protecting the skin against UVA and HEV light (that’s the bad blue light that’s streaming out of your computer right now 🙁 ). Kind of amazing what clean beauty can do nowadays, isn’t it? We’ve come a long way from a bottle of olive oil from the natural foods store.

This one takes a few tries to get used to, but the tightening action gets addictive. It really feels like you’re making tangible moves towards firmer and more luminous skin. $60.

Best Splurge

Orveda’s Eye Unveiler 422 is not joking around. The Oreveda takes an ayurvedic approach to beauty, toting that (with a little help from the right ingredients) the skin has the power to heal itself- so much so that foundation should and can be completely optional. Their eye cream offers a pinpointed approach to intense daily rejuvenation. It can be used under the eyes and around the lashes and brows to promote full health of the eye area and create 360 luminosity. Notable ingredients include bio-fermented kombucha black tea to bolster the skin’s microflora, marine enzymes to build up a strong moisture barrier, and rich and fatty sunflower seed acids to fight against dehydration. It also comes with a silicon pad and applicator for easy and gentle application.

It feels like the richest, most hydrating cream between your fingertips, and soaks right into the skin when dotted around the eye. The cream is gone, and so are fine lines. Magic! $255.

Eye cream, eye serum, clean beauty, non-toxic beauty, The Moment, best non-toxic eye creams, best phthalate-free eye creams, best paraban-free eye creams,

Bonus Balm

Because we’re allowed to break our own rules and pick a 9th, right? Aussie brand Grown Alchemist makes a Hydra-Repair Eye Balm that is every bit an aromatherapy treatment as it is an under eye cream. It smells like a field of lavender. It’s nourishing, it’s light, and it’s amazing for all skin types. $99.




Eye Cream Round-Up


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