tara curran of skin food talk shares her clean beauty routine today on The Moment

A Moment of Beauty With Tara Curran

Have you guys seen our new Instagram stories series yet? We call it #MomentofBeauty. It shows you live and in person the morning beauty routines and rituals of our friends in the clean beauty community; Friends, founders, and people we find super inspiring. It’s so nice to see which clean products you all are actually using on a daily basis, and how you use them.

Tara Curran of Skin Food Talk shared her morning rituals on the IG series just a few weeks ago. She shared her morning smoothie recipe, favorite supplements, and a little bit of her skin care collection. You can still watch the stories in our IG highlights, here. We loved Tara’s whole-body routine so much, that we needed more. Tara is an expert in crafting wellness routines that fill your spirit from three angles; Can you guess what they are? Glowing skin, healthy food, and talk that helps you flourish. Skin. Food. Talk. You can count on her morning ritual being just as holistic. Leave any questions for Tara below in the comments and check out the SFT approved clean beauty products at the bottom of the story.

Tara Curran of Skin Food Talk shares her clean beauty, non-toxic beauty morning routine on The Moment


The Moment: Morning ritual?

Curran:  I do best when I can take an hour or two to slowly start my day. When I don’t have that time, I always make sure to do a 5-10 min meditation and make a quick breakfast, either a smoothie or cultured coconut yogurt. When I can take the time to slowly start my day, I journal, writing until I run out of thoughts then meditate for 15-20 mins. Afterwards, I spend time with my dog, make myself a warm water with lemon, and breakfast. Breakfast at home consists of a smoothie, oatmeal with turmeric and cinnamon, some flax seeds or hemp seeds and honey or gluten free bread from Erewhon with almond butter and bee pollen. Then I will make coffee and I like to add coconut oil and sun potion’s tocos to my cup.

The Moment: Skincare must-haves?

Curran: I like to keep my skincare simple and my product choices do change quite a bit but an ice roller has truly changed my life. I am environmentally affected (one of our 4 categories in the signature workshop) and need support reducing puffiness, redness, and inflammation. I found a really great/inexpensive one on Amazon that I use daily. I also really loving cleansing with coconut oil, Conscious Coconut is my fave! And Pai’s Rosehip Oil has made my skin bright and nourished.

The Moment: Best clean beauty products?

Curran: There are so many great ones and my needs change seasonally. I do always love May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud Mask, and One Love Organics Easy Does It Wash is my go to travel product because you can use it for your face, hair, and body.

The Moment: What about hair and body care?

Curran: For hair care I use John Master’s Shampoo and Conditioner. I have curly hair that tends to dread easily so Milk by Reverie is a must. And for my body, I use a dry brush daily ( like the one from PurSoma) and coconut oil (conscious coconut is my go to)

The Moment: Products you always take with you or throw in your bag?

Curran: A Henne Organics lipstick, coconut floss, and Lake & Skye’s  11 11 fragrance.

The Moment: Nighttime ritual?

Curran: In my house we’ve made a rule to have phones down by 9 pm. This helps me unwind and have a better night’s sleep. I love making a tea with one of Neakita organics tea blends.

The Moment: Weekend rituals or favorite weekly masks?

Curran: Weekends are usually busy with clients or time spent with my boyfriend and friends adventuring somewhere. Which is a nice ritual that fills me up. But weekly I do try to take an epsom salt bath and face mask with either a mask from May Lindstrom or Osea Malibu.

The Moment: What’s the beauty service (massage, facial, cryotherapy, etc.) you wouldn’t want to live without?

Curran: Acupuncture has truly supported me in my health journey for a while now. From helping me deal with trauma, anxiety, digestive issues and muscle pain. I could not imagine my life without it. Massage is also an important practice I try to implement as often as I can.

Special thanks to Tara Curran!

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