Beauty, Redefined


At its core, The Moment is about beauty. But we’re talking about a new kind of beauty.


Our mission is to redefine what beauty is and where it comes from.


We believe that beauty comes from the inside. We’ve heard that before, but where does that leave us? How do we beautify our insides?


Well, we’re working on figuring that out. We know that we need a balance. Extreme anything doesn’t do the body good. So we’re not saying no to anything (especially not pasta), but we are saying yes to wellness practices, honoring people who inspire us, eating foods that make us feel good, and finding beauty products that heal our bodies. We are on a mission to feel good, and let that joy be our beauty. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.


A huge part of The Moment is figuring stuff out ::


We’re not experts. But, we will try all the stuff and do all the research so you don’t have to.


We’re not perfect. Nor do we try to be. Nor do we want you to be.


We’re not 100% anything, other than human.


And actually, we think that’s what makes us all so beautiful.



Our Founder

Laney Crowell wants to redefine beauty. As the founder of The Moment, she is doing just that, as she embodies the confidence and connectedness that we speak for. Not knowing a soul, Crowell moved to New York from California to pursue a mission of self-discovery and a fondness for fashion journalism. After fearlessly running-down a magazine editor on 5th Ave  to get her career start, Crowell was very much entrenched and established in the editorial fashion world, working at Elle and Lucky magazines. Her success grew as she fostered her career during a five-year stint at Estée Lauder in which she ran their digital editorial department. Yet still, she refused to suppress an urgency to talk about beauty in a deeper, more substantial way, as the current state of beauty and fashion is disillusioning.

Enter, The Moment. A site where real girls tell their personal stories to empower readers in a fun and informative way. Since the launch of The Moment in January 2017, Laney and the rest of our Moment team have set out to change the conversation surrounding beauty, bring a healthy relationship with food into the mix, and celebrate realness in all of our readers. We are honoring a new kind of beauty, one that includes saying yes to wellness and self-care, and saying no to limits. 

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