Affordable Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty Under $20

One of things people say about clean beauty is that it’s too expensive. For the most part, they’re right, it’s for sure more expensive than the drug store version. But, there’s a reason: Clean, non-toxic brands have to spend way more on their ingredients. They also use less fillers. Plus, they’re made by much smaller companies so they can’t produce in mass quantities like the bigger brands.

I equate it to Whole Foods verse Taco Bell. Yes, it’s more expensive, but it’s worth it because it doesn’t leave you feeling like sh*t. I think one of the reasons why toxic-filled beauty has gotten away with being bad for you for so long, is that you don’t feel it right away. You don’t get a stomach ache 10 minutes after applying it, like you do with junk food. Just a theory.

I definitely think making the switch is worth the investment for our health, just like eating organic food is – soooooo I put together a list of my favorite clean products that happen to be under $20.

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HAN Skincare Pressed Blush, $16
Affordable Clean Beauty
HAN blushes are very clean, and super pretty. Rice powder replaces toxic talc powder and mica pigments naturally color five gorgeous shades. The colors are very universal, so there’s a perfect match for every skin tone. Credo suggests swapping the notorious NARS Orgasm with HAN Coral Candy. I’ve tested it and you honestly won’t notice a difference.

Lily Lolo Lip Gloss, $16
Affordable Clean Beauty
This natural Lily Lolo lip gloss has Vitamin E and jojoba oil in it, so it’s really nourishing. Peachy Keen is our favorite everyday shade.

Alima Pure Eye Brow Pencil, $18
Good brow products are hard to come by- especially in the clean world. There’s Eco Brow, Beauty Counter, and now Alima Pure. That’s pretty much it. Alima Pure’s new Brow pencil is the only one under $20, plus the formula is really smooth so you can go big and bold with your brows, or blend it out and  be a little more subtle.


Au Naturale Eyeshadow, $15
Affordable Clean Beauty
We’ve seriously missed playing with colors since switching to clean makeup, but Au Naturale has a really great line of fun and wearable shades. We don’t love the roller ball application because it’s hard to pack the color on, so we take it off and dip our brushes in instead. A little hard to work with, but definitely worth it when considering the awesome ingredients, color range, and price.

Lily Lolo Mascara, $20
Affordable Clean Beauty
The best clean mascara that you can get with a twenty- hands down! No raccoon eyes in sight.

Aisling Organics Luxe-Liner, $12
Affordable Clean Beauty
The Aisling Organics liners come in all your basic color needs, and have a beautiful formula that will actually promote eyelash growth. It’s really a two for one deal.

Kari Gran Lip Whip, $16
Affordable Clean Beauty
These lip whips are a big favorite among The Moment team because they go on so smoothly. This one has the best peppermint smell to give you naturally fuller lips (because peppermint is a natural lip plumper), and it helps you wake up first thing in the morning. The tints are more of a lip balm than a gloss because the color is so sheer. The more heavily pigmented shades give you a more defined look and are equally as fabulous.


Acure Shampoo and Conditioner, $10 each
Affordable Clean Beauty
This Acure duo totally diminishes frizz because it’s super hydrating. The coconut oil  locks in moisture, boosts hair health, and provides protection. It’s especially great if you treat your hair daily with heat and styling tools.


Affordable Clean Beauty
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