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Aishwarya Iyer, Founder of Brightland Olive Oil

We run a weekly takeover series called #momentofbeauty on our Instagram stories in which real women in wellness share their morning routines. This week we profiled Aishwarya Iyer: West coast-based Founder of beautiful Brightland olive oil.


Aishwarya's Morning Routine
  • Wake up, light some palo santo, and spend a little time meditating at your home alter.
  • Drink two cups of hot water every morning for digestion, clarity, and of course- hydration.
  • Spend some time outdoors with the pup.
  • Time for breakfast. Make something fast, yummy, and nutritious- chopped up watermelon, Brightland’s ALIVE OO and a pinch of sea salt.
  • Add a therapeutic benefit to your shower by tying a bouquet of eucalyptus and lavender to your shower head. The steam of the shower brings out the scents of both. Plus it’s just beautiful to look at!
  • Don’t let LA air dry out your skin! Spritz with a bit of True Botanicals Renew Nutrient Mist.
  • Aesop is everything. Aishwarya uses their toner, hydrator, and face oil. The face oil and 2 minutes of jade face rolling = heaven.
  • For lunch we’re working with AWAKE OO and making a big pot of mozzarella + basil shakshuka!
  • For dessert, use a little more olive oil on cherries and chocolate.
  • Back to work!

Special thanks to Aishwarya!



Aishwarya's Favorites

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