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Bath Rituals with Mama Medicine

When I’m not writing for The Moment, on set somewhere, or preforming my (too) extensive skincare routine, I’m usually on Pinterest, building inspo boards for my hypothetical dream home out in Joshua Tree. A record player in the living room to dance to Stevie Nicks and Johnny Cash, a stack of hand-made ceramics on display in the kitchen, and a big beautiful bathroom with open windows and a claw-foot tub. The bathroom would have shelves lined with jars of dried herbs and flower petals, all of my essential oils organized alphabetically in a small apothecary table, and crystals of varying sizes and colors soaking up the moon rays by my window sill. I don’t have proof, but I’d imagine that this is exactly what Deborah Hanekamp’s [also known as Mama Medicine] bathroom actually looks like.

As an NYC-based Seeress, Hanekamp is a unicorn among hoards of cynical subway riders. She fills each part of her day with intention, thought, and grace. You can read all about her journey into becoming this high-vibrational being in our Moment Maker article here. As of late she’s been sharing so many epic healing bath recipes on the Mama Medicine IG. Complete with programmed crystals and dried flower petals, these baths are beyond anything I could have imagined.

I may not have the claw-foot bath tub of my dreams just yet, but I could work with what I have, follow Hanekamp’s tips to creating an ultra healing bath, and make a beautiful ceremony out of my bi-weekly baths. What’s your bath ritual like?


The Moment: What supplies should we gather for our healing bath?

Mama Medicine:

  • Epsom salt: for cleansing the aura in the bath
  • Amethyst crystal: for blessing, protecting the aura in the bath
  • Lavender essential oil: to bring a sense of calming, peaceful energy to the bath
  • Fresh or dried rose petals: to evoke self love
  • Green tea: to evoke energy, regeneration and purification

All ingredients go inside the tub. The crystal can be placed somewhere on your body you feel called to or simply rest in the water.

The Moment: Are there certain objects used to bring in certain energies? What should we use to call in love, wealth, confidence, health, or tranquility?

Mama Medicine: Yes of course!

  • For love, Rose Quartz and violet,
  • For wealth tulsi and citrine,
  • For confidence, turquoise and lemongrass
  • For health, cinnamon and carnelian
  • For tranquility, moonstone and lemon balm.

Mama Medicine Bath Ritual Clean Beauty on The Moment

The Moment: What is the importance of setting intentions with a bath ritual?

Mama Medicine: I think that the water remembers our intentions and so when we set them out loud into the water we are then bathing in the power of our intention.

The Moment: Are there certain times of the day/month/year that align well with an ultra healing bath?

Mama Medicine: I think the new and full moons are great times to get into the bath!

The Moment: When it comes to actually creating the ritual, what steps should we take? Burning palo santo? Massage techniques? Music?

Mama Medicine: Light a candle, put on some music, clear your aura with some palo santo and enjoy!

The Moment: Any other tips to make this an epic bath? Secret ingredients to add to the water or pre-bath rituals?

Mama Medicine: Try journaling after your bath. It can be really powerful to see what comes up.

The Moment: What is your personal recipe for a peaceful, end of day bath?

Mama Medicine:

  • Fresh or dried calendula, eucalyptus, and rose petals – Epsom salt
  • Nettles tea
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Clear quartz crystal


  • Cleanse aura with a selenite wand
  • Light a candle – Step into bath and dunk head underwater – Stare into flame of candle without blinking (trying not to) for five minutes, close eyes
  • Sing this little light of mine into bath – Repeat as many times as your inner child needs


P.S. Check out more bath ritual recipes on the @mamamedicine IG account.

Special thanks to Deborah Hanekamp!

Photos via Space by Mama Medicine



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