Branka Tomic, founder of 7-free and vegan clean nail polish brand LVX shares the best and biggest nail trends on The Moment

Luxury Nail Polish, For The Green Fashionista

Here at The Moment, there are a lot of dirty ingredients we try to steer clear of, (SLS, parabens, aluminum… just to name a few.) but there are some we just won’t touch, no matter how promising the product or how cute the packaging. Example: Formaldehyde and TPHP (Triphenyl phosphate), two key players in the everyday nail polish, and in hormone irregularity. These ingredients are just nasty and unnecessary, which is why we are ALWAYS on the hunt for cool new nail polish brands that leave these additives behind. Our latest find? LVX nail polish

Branka Tomic, the creator of LVX, formulated the 7-Free line by keeping health and wellness in mind. With that said, she definitely doesn’t sacrifice style or luxury with the line, as the LVX color collections are inspired by the runway. LVX recently launched their Autumn/ Winter collection, and it’s clear to see the connections between the line and pieces by Marchesa, Badgley Mischka, Alberta Ferrettii, and more legendary designers. Not to mention, the rainbow of LVX glass bottles look so luxe in our medicine cabinet.

We sent a few emails back and forth to Miami, Tomic’s hometown, to meet the woman behind the brand and get the what’s what of nail trends.


Branka Tomic, founder of 7-free and vegan clean nail polish brand LVX shares the best and biggest nail trends on The Moment

Above photo by Rachel Hanel, R Hanel Photography Chicago.

The Moment: Hi Branka! Can you tell us a little bit about you and your brand? 

Tomic: LVX is a luxury and premium line of nail lacquers and treatments. Our formula is eco-friendly, 7 Toxin Free and Vegan. I launched the brand with my brother 5 years ago after receiving an epiphany to start my own line. 

The Moment: What was the importance of creating a 7-free polish for you? 

Tomic: Our bodies can and do absorb chemicals and ingredients via topical beauty products. There are nail brands that use ingredients which can be detrimental to our health such as TPHP (Triphenyl Phosphate). Recent studies have shown evidence that this chemical can affect and disrupt your hormones, metabolism and development. We are proud to be free of this ingredient and many others! 

The Moment: What are some of the key ingredients in LVX?

Tomic: Our Natural Nail Remover Pads are completely odorless and plant-based. They contain Vitamins A, C & E and pure jojoba oil. They are ultra nourishing and moisturizing! 

The Moment: Why a vegan line? What is your connection with animals?  

Tomic: Launching a vegan and cruelty-free brand is the humane and sustainable thing to do. Animals are living creatures who eat, live, sleep and have emotions just as humans do. I could never imagine hurting an animal – directly or indirectly. 

Branka Tomic, founder of 7-free and vegan clean nail polish brand LVX shares the best and biggest nail trends on The MomentThe Moment: The idea for LVX came after a deeper conversation about nail polish with a co-worker… what was that conversation?

Tomic: My fellow co-worker was also a nail polish fanatic, so naturally we found ourselves discussing the topic extensively. We exchanged favorite brands, colors, features, ideas on things brands were lacking. As I walked away, I literally gasped and had that ‘aha!’ moment. I just knew this was my calling and I needed to launch my own brand as soon as possible. 

The Moment: Where did the name come from? Where there any other name contenders? 

Tomic: LVX in Latin is “Lux” which translates to light & light is the essence of all color. There were a few others in the brainstorming mix, however, LVX is the one that really struck a chord and resonated with us. 

The Moment: You’re very inspired by fashion, what other sources of inspiration do you draw from outside of fashion?

Tomic: I draw inspiration from a number of industries and sources including interior design, luxury automotive, art and more. Colors and trends are found all around us, in each and every industry – not just in fashion. 

The Moment: What’s your background in fashion and what accounts for your passion in nail polish?

Tomic: My educational background is in Fashion. I studied Fashion Management and Marketing at Columbia in Chicago and worked as a brand specialist for Gucci at Neiman Marcus. I’ve always been a nail polish fanatic. I have been buying polish and painting my own nails since the 3rd or 4th grade.

The Moment: Favorite designers to draw inspiration from?

Tomic: I love drawing inspiration from Stella McCartney – her values and vision align well with mine. She is vegan and her collections are created without the use of animal products. 

The Moment: What are your future goals for LVX?

Tomic: We plan to focus heavily on innovative treatment and therapy products that will help promote overall nail health. We want to change the game of the nail care industry.

Rapid Fire

The Moment: Favorite nail shape?

Tomic: Square-Round. I love how natural the shape is.

The Moment: Must follow nail rule?

Tomic: Never sport a chipped mani! 

Branka Tomic, founder of 7-free and vegan clean nail polish brand LVX shares the best and biggest nail trends on The Moment

The Moment: LVX shade you’d wear to a dinner party event?

Tomic: Verdant from our new Fall Winter Collection.

The Moment: LVX shade you’d wear to the office?

Tomic: Millennial.

Branka Tomic, founder of 7-free and vegan clean nail polish brand LVX shares the best and biggest nail trends on The Moment

The Moment: LVX shade you’d wear on a romantic date night?

Tomic: Crimson.

The Moment: LVX shade you’d wear on a beach vacay?

Tomic: Fantom. I love all white everything when it comes to beach/summertime.

The Moment: How often do you swap out your nail color?

Tomic: Every 3-5 days. I can’t help myself. I am an addict and we have too many amazing colors.

The Moment: Favorite beauty food?

Tomic: H20. I drink about a gallon a day. It has done wonders for my skin.

The Moment: Most cherished moment?

Tomic: A feature in Vogue just 6 months after launching! 

The Moment: Best place to gain inspiration? 

Tomic: Anywhere as long as it’s during yoga or meditation. 

The Moment: How do you stay in the moment?

Tomic: Exercise, yoga & meditation.  

Special thanks to Branka Tomic!

Photo courtesy of LVX



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  • Oh love the colors! I need to up my (healthy) polish game….I’m sure OPI and Essie, while cute, aren’t the best.

    Side note. Best way to extend a mani: dish gloves! Total life changer. Plus, who like squeezing a sponge bare handed?

    • That’s an awesome tip. LVX is a very good place to start you clean polish hunt 🙂 Let us know which colors you choose!

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