Cote Shop invites us to get a clean beauty manicure using their chic line of clean nail polishes, 10-free on The Moment

Côte Shop


Nail polish is one of the most difficult items to find a clean, effective substitute. We actually have dubbed our polish-free nail look the Moment…

Clean graphic eyeliner techniques using w3ll Peopl's expressionist liquid eyeliner

Graphic Liner


Trolling around Pinterest these days, we can’t deny that cool graphic liner is having a major moment. From thin lines, to successions of dots,…

Shiva Rose Beauty, The Local Rose, The Moment, Shiva Rose, Non Toxic Beauty, Toxin Free Beauty and Skincare

Shiva Rose Beauty


We all know chic packaging when we see it. It’s white and has a great minimalist font, usually in black (see Context, Gloss Modern, Peet Rivko, F. Miller, the…