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The Layer


Our bodies are complicated vessels. Luckily, we are learning to receive and translate the messages our bodies are sending us, because believe it or…

Clover Club Egg Cocktail, The Moment Recipe, Egg White, Drink, Friday, Simple, Delicious, Raspberries, Raspberry syrup

Clover Club


Fridays are about unwinding. In fact, our Friday night mantra, “let it go,” is an important part of our beauty routine. Stress isn’t good…

Recipe: Tomato Ricotta Tart

Tomato Tart


We first made this tomato tart with Ashton Keefe. She came over to the house with bags full of heirloom tomatoes declaring that we…

Epic cheese plate how to make

Epic Cheese Plate


Someone once said, “Life is great. Cheese makes it better.” We couldn’t agree more. There are simultaneously no words, and too many words to…

The Moment Jenna Smoothie

Jenna’s Smoothie


There’s something extremely charming about Jenna Levine. And not just because she happens to be the Founder of the super chic skincare line, LINNÉ…

Recipe: Cherry Clafoutis

Cherry Clafloutis


cla·fou·tis ˌkläfo͞oˈtē/ noun: clafoutis; plural noun: clafoutis: a tart made of fruit, typically cherries, baked in a sweet batter. Have you ever taken a bite…

Recipe: Honey Tocos Elixir

Tocos Elixir


Giving up caffeine is a thing. When it comes time for our annual New Year cleanse, which inevitably calls for no coffee or caffeinated…