The Moment reviews clean Toronto based skincare brand F. Miller and the new cleansing oil, perfect for sensitive skin

F. Miller


Ok- We are about to get really real with you. Are you ready? We’ll admit it… we don’t wash our face everyday. We know,…

Avocados are this June's ingredient of the month on The Moment. Delicious, healthy, nutritious, full of fiber and lots of vitamins, there are so many reasons to love these green, creamy fruits



Let’s take a poll: Who here can say they’ve been fully engulfed in a period of avocado obsession for at least 6 months of…

Context Skin's latest release of 5-free vegan nailpolishes and clean beauty lip laquers on The Moment

Context Skin


Any day of the week, we take quality over quantity. With a new collection of nail and lip colors to supplement an already incredible…

Links We Love this week on The Moment's Moment Minutes, featuring The Package Free Shop,, and Tyme NYC, along with many other cool wellness, beauty, health, style, and lifestyle articles, cool links

Moment Minutes


In case it isn’t blatantly obvious from our daily Instagram posts (and sometimes the puffy circles lining our eyes), we spend a lot of…

Homemade creamy vegan Olive Oil pesto poured over brown rice pasta for a new lunch or dinner recipe from The Moment, special pesto

Special Pesto


Summer to us is all about tomatoes, basil, ice cream, and all the various ways we can consume them in copious amounts. Today’s video is all…

Laney Crowell, founder of The Moment,, drinking a green juice at Tracy Anderson, new Letters from Laney on the joy of eating

The Joy of Eating


When I first started brainstorming the concept behind The Moment, it was all about food because, well, I really love food! It brings me an incredible…