Moment Minutes, our monthly round-up of the best links found on the internet, from The Moment

Moment Minutes


Last month we introduced our new series, Moment Minutes, our monthly round-up of the internet’s best links. We fill our list of links with…

Kelly Leveque of Be Well By Kelly, whipping up an Avocado Hummus to share with The Moment team

Be Well By Kelly


Nutrition and wellness are very big terms. In theory, they sound great, but in practice… conquering those terms can be nerve wracking. We called…

Behind the Scenes with Root Science founder Gigja Hlín Wesneski, organic skincare inspired by Iceland on The Moment

Root Science


We were first introduced to Root Science through friends of friends. It was one of those games of beauty telephone, where one person hears…

The Moment teaches you the best way to journal, a step by step guide for adult journaling, Journal, Journaling, Adult Journal, Best Way to Journal, The Moment



Journaling doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It conjures memories of 6th grade angst riddled with unruly emotions, and just doesn’t sound serious, not…

The Moment reviews clean Toronto based skincare brand F. Miller and the new cleansing oil, perfect for sensitive skin

F. Miller


Ok- We are about to get really real with you. Are you ready? We’ll admit it… we don’t wash our face everyday. We know,…

Avocados are this June's ingredient of the month on The Moment. Delicious, healthy, nutritious, full of fiber and lots of vitamins, there are so many reasons to love these green, creamy fruits



Let’s take a poll: Who here can say they’ve been fully engulfed in a period of avocado obsession for at least 6 months of…

Context Skin's latest release of 5-free vegan nailpolishes and clean beauty lip laquers on The Moment

Context Skin


Any day of the week, we take quality over quantity. With a new collection of nail and lip colors to supplement an already incredible…