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Clean Fashion

When I first launch The Moment people immediately asked if I would be including fashion. I love fashion, I was an editor for years, but at the time I didn’t really feel like there was enough to talk about. So few brands hit the mark for me in terms of being sustainable and cool. Two years later and wow have times changed. Between vintage, consignment and new zero waste and organic brands, there is so much to choose from. Here are my ultimate favorites to take you through that perfect everyday outfit and those special nights out. Get ready to shop!


Tees: For Days

I love everything about this brand. First of all, they create the absolute perfect everyday tee; It’s loose and casual but fits the body super well and the quality is A+. For Days is doing something that I’ve never seen done before. They’ve created a membership system to create a closed-loop production model. I’ve got the 3 Tee plan, which means I can swap any one of my tee’s for any other tee for only $8. All I have to do is send my old tee back. Good for the environment, the wallet, and reinvents my feelings on purchasing white t-shirts which seem to ALWAYS get messy.

Designer: The RealReal

You know it, you love it. I can never stop coming back to The RealReal. You can get all of your designer favorites at a fraction of the cost and carbon footprint. It’s guilt-free shopping because everything is consigned and 100% authenticated. Bonus points if you give your old clothes to The RealReal too.

Cool Girl Jeans: Vintage Twin

Every time I see a cute pair of jeans on someone, and I ask them where they got them from, the answer is almost always, “The Vintage Twin!” I don’t know how they do it, but they find all of the best pairs of vintage jeans and give you a consultation so you can find your perfect pair. Albeit a bit pricey, you can also take your chances of shopping jeans at your local vintage boutique. But you pay more because it takes the stress and frustration out of going to countless shops trying to find the perfect pair.

Sweaters: Naadam Cashmere

You’ve seen the ads for Naadam, right? They are so funny, I laugh every time. But more importantly, their story is real. They bring you the finest Mongolian cashmere sweaters at direct-to-consumer pricing. But more importantly, they work super closely with each link of the production chain to make sure everyone is happy, healthy

Underwear: Knickey

The idea of putting anything inorganic that close to our bodies is a little terrifying, to be honest. Knickey is making breathable organic undies in all shapes for all body types so we can breathe easy. They also make super conscious decisions along the supply chain to combat pollution and reduce waste. Honestly, it’s a no-brainer why we love them!

Sneakers: Veja

You would never expect Veja sneakers would have any environmental bend to them because they are so cool looking. You can feel good walking around the city knowing that they are fair-trade and made with organic cotton and responsibly sourced rubber. They even have vegan leather options which are equally as chic.

Workout Gear: Girlfriend

Your favorite workout pants just got a lot more transparent- in the figurative sense! Girlfriend Collective has posted a simple but in-depth explainer of all of their policy and procedures when it comes to production and manufacturing. Cool right? I also can’t get enough of their new LITE leggings which are made from recycled fishing net!

Special Occasion: AWAVEAWAKE

This brand was recommended to us on Instagram, and we were honestly blown away by the beautiful pieces AWAVEAWAKE makes. Think silky dresses dyed with 100% plant material (but you’d never know). There’s a style and color for everyone. I can’t wait to wear one of these dresses to all the fancy holiday parties coming up this month. Gorgeous!

Everyday Wardrobe: Amour Vert

Another highly recommended brand, Amour Vert, makes a little bit of everything from dresses and tops to shoes and swimsuits. Their pieces are sustainable because their supply chain has a low environmental impact (many processes being carbon neutral actually), they’re made in California, and everything is made in super limited quantities to reduce waste- so if you see something you like, get it!




Clean Fashion

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