Context Skin introduces their new line of clean, non-toxic hair care on The Moment

Context Does Clean Haircare

You remember CONTEXT SKIN, right? They’re the clean beauty powerhouse creating effective, natural-based beauty products on a scale rarely seen in the clean beauty world. Their nail polish and lipgloss is the coolest, and now they’re diving in to clean haircare with the launch of an 8-piece line! Curly hair, thin hair, guy, girl, and anything else, the unisex line is super versatile. Our favorite picks include the Keratin Shampoo, Hydrating Hair Oil, and Refresh Dry Shampoo (for when you want third day hair to look like second day hair, or your first day hair to look a little less, well, first day).

Often times, we get asked, ‘are clean products really that much better?’ YES! While staying over a (less-informed) friend’s house over the summer, we used their big beauty brand shampoo and conditioner; The kind that isn’t SLS free and is full of synthetic fragrances. A headache took effect almost immediately after we hopped out of the shower. The smells were overwhelming, and the products felt entirely too harsh. The difference is real and we couldn’t wait to get back home to our new, clean CONTEXT shampoo and conditioner. We talk to David Arbuthnot, CONTEXT SKIN founder and clean beauty expert to get the full picture of what makes the CONTEXT haircare line just so much better.



The Moment: How did you, personally, get in to clean beauty?

Arbuthnot: When I was working in fashion, I was often buying women’s prestige skin care products for myself. While they were great products, they were too heavily fragranced for me and generally expensive. I thought, why not use healthy ingredients, present them in a modern simple design aesthetic, at a price point which is more accessible to a broader demographic? I wanted to create a brand that everyone could experience.
All of your products are Unisex, not just the new hair line.

When I was researching the beauty industry, I found it to be very segmented between Men and Women and I wanted to launch a skincare line that would speak to both, the same goes for haircare.

The Moment: What inspired CONTEXT’s expansion into haircare?

Arbuthnot: I see CONTEXT developing into a global beauty and lifestyle brand, beyond unisex skincare.  Haircare is the largest sector in the beauty industry and it’s a product category people use everyday.  It made sense for CONTEXT to expand into Haircare.

The Moment: What about the color story, bottle designs, and scents of the line, what informed these aesthetic aspects?

Arbuthnot: We always stay true to our minimal aesthetic, whether it’s in packaging, ingredients or colors.  We tend to work with subtle citrus and natural scents.  Our packaging is always clear or black/white with clean lines.  We were excited about the opportunity to launch travel size products in Haircare.

The Moment: When shopping for haircare, what are the toxic ingredients to look out for? What makes CONTEXT different than conventional hair care lines?

Arbuthnot: Many mass or mainstream haircare brands will contain Sulfates, Sodium Chloride and Parabens.  We steered clear of using any of those chemicals in our hair products.  As in our skincare, we infused antioxidants and natural extracts and botanical oils, such as Sea Kelp, Marula Oil, Chamomile, Coconut and Aloe into the formulations.  It was really important that our lab understand our haircare formulations to closely mirror what we do in our skincare.

Context Skin introduces their new line of clean, non-toxic hair care on The Moment

The Moment: Must have product from the line for thick, wavy hair?
Arbuthnot: Our Keratin infused Shampoo and Conditioner is great for curly, wavy or frizzy hair.  Gently smooths and strengthens hair while reducing fly aways.


The Moment: Must have product from the line for short hair?  

Arbuthnot: Definitely the Matte Clay.  It’s great for short hair styling, very soft and easy to mold.  I’m addicted to the scent!

Context Skin introduces their new line of clean, non-toxic hair care on The Moment
The Moment: Must have product from the line for natural hair?

Arbuthnot: I love our Hydrating Oil.  It’s a hair oil loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that leaves natural hair feeling silky, shiny and well conditioned.

Context Skin introduces their new line of clean, non-toxic hair care on The Moment

The Moment: Must have product from the line for thin, straight hair?

Arbuthnot: We have an amazing Volume Boost.  It has a very targeted application and will add incredible boost and shine to thin, flat hair with no powdery residue.

The Moment: Haircare, Skincare, Lips, Nails, and Candles… CONTEXT has nearly conquered the clean beauty world!  What’s the next frontier for CONTEXT SKIN?

Arbuthnot: Developing and launching new products is the most fun part of my job.  We are working on new launches for Holiday ’17 and Spring ’18 so stay tuned!


Special thanks to David Arbuthnot!

Photo courtesy of CONTEXT SKIN



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