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Crystal Grids 101

Ever wonder how to make one of those stunning crystal grids that you see all over Instagram? We did too. Ever since first being introduced to the power of crystals in our Bath Rituals story with Mama Medicine, we’ve been obsessively following every crystal devotee on social media and slowly expanding our knowledge base. We wanted to get on the fast track to crystal healing and saw that one of our favorite accounts, @CrystalCriminals (the IG baby of your favorites @wokeandwired (AKA @BreakfastCriminals) and @ericbrief)) was hosting a crystal grid workshop at The Class by Taryn Toomey. Seriously… what are the odds! We booked our tickets and joined Ksenia and Eric for an afternoon of crystalizing our intentions through creating therapeutic grids, and left with a few new additions to our personal collections in hand.

We’re sure you have SO many questions like we do, so let’s jump into it and learn a little more about the power of healing crystals together through our conversation with Ksenia and Eric. We’re also growing our collection, so leave your crystal recommendations in the comments below 🙂


Kendall: Hi Ksenia, Hi Eric! I had the best time at your Crystal Grid workshop and look forward to many more to come. Let’s answer the big question first, what is a crystal grid?

Ksenia + Eric: A crystal grid, at the most basic level, is two or more crystals that are intentionally placed or positioned in such a way as to amplify a frequency (intention) and/or to construct a “container” of energy that can be used for a specific purpose. Think of it no differently than you would a circuit board used in electronics. It’s a tool used to fulfill a specific function.

K: In the workshop, we talked a lot about Sacred Geometry and even received a sheet to guide us through our practice using Sacred Geometry. What is Sacred Geometry and how do we use it in our crystal grids?

K + E: Sacred Geometry, as we see it, is really the visual mathematics and geometry of the basic building blocks that make up all of creation at a micro and macro level. Literally. Some examples you may have seen are the flower of life, a series of overlapping circles or the golden spiral, which appears in many shells and fossils and is based on a particularly famous math principle, the Fibonacci sequence. Pythagoras and ancient mathematicians had secret societies and considered certain numbers, (like pi and the square root of two) to be holy and divine. You can see sacred geometry manifest itself in everything from how an embryo divides itself cellularly to the makeup of atoms, molecules, and their subcomponents.

Crystal grid, crystal healing on The Moment, Wellness and clean beauty

K: So we arrange our crystals in these patterns to call upon the powers of Sacred Geometry, awesome. (Get your own Sacred Geometry road map here). Before arranging our crystals onto the map and setting our intentions, in the workshop we cleared our crystals. What are the best ways to clear a crystal? And why do we want to clear them?

K + E: There is definitely no one way to eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or to clear a crystal. We clear crystals because they are energetically impressionable. They pick up information (frequencies) and hold them in their energy field. If you want to utilize the full range of possibilities with crystals it’s beneficial to wipe them clear, just like you would with a hard drive on a computer when you want to start over again, sell it, or give it to a friend.

There are many ways to clear a crystal and I do have my preferred ways. As someone eager to get going to play with my crystals, I like them cleared quickly! Some excellent ways to clear crystals are with sound whether by singing into them with intention, saging them a particular way, putting them under running water, natural or faucet, or placing them in a bowl of sea salt. 

K: Very cool, it makes the process super personal because you can do exactly what you like.  Ok so once they are clear, how do we set an intention into our crystals?

K + E: It’s very important to understand that crystals are a piece of technology in the literal sense of the word. All of our electronics, radios, TVs, and tech use crystals to translate the “invisible” into the “visible.” Your thoughts and intentions are like those invisible waves of TV, Wi-fi and radio, and they have the ability to program a crystal to amplify or send a particular “message” (frequency) out into the world.

Set Your Intentions
  1. Clear your mind of all negative thoughts with a few deep breaths
  2. Close your eyes and run your hand over your crystals, feel their force
  3. Let your higher self guide your intentions, pushing its energy into your crystals
  4. Let the universe handle the rest and detach from the outcome

K: Once we have our grid, then what do we do?

K + E: Nothing need be done after the grid is assembled and programmed. It is sending out its “signal” into the universe and running the program that you created with your intentions. Just like a piece of software runs in the background on a phone or computer! You can however tune into the grid and continuously refocus the intention, get back in the field of the intention you created to re-presence yourself. Attention brings intention.

Crystal grid, crystal healing on The Moment, Wellness and clean beautyK: What are some things you’ve done in the past with your grids?

K + E: Some of my favorite things we have done are completely resuscitating a number of plants that were hanging on for dear life and take them to incredible levels of thriving. Plants grow in the earth, which is like a giant crystal and when they get reconnected to that coherent energy they like that and thrive.

I also made a money grid that many people have used as a background/screensaver for their phones. This grid has gotten us countless stories of money flowing in immediately after setting it.

I’ve collaborated with brands like Juice Press and The End Brooklyn, home of the original unicorn latte, to make custom crystal art designed to create a complementary spiritually transformative experience.

K: Why do you both love working with crystals, how have you seen them change your life?

Eric: I love working with crystals for 2 main reasons. At the most basic level I am an artist and I think that they are beautiful visually. From a metaphysical angle I experience their energies viscerally on many levels. They impact my thought clarity, mood, and physical wellness and calmness. In meditation crystals have shown me many powerful spiritual messages that have guided my life’s direction. Certain crystals have also provided me with medicinal-like benefits emotionally and physically.

Ksenia: I love buying crystals to mark a moment in time, an accomplishment, or an intention. Like getting a citrine when I’m going through a big expansion of my business, Breakfast Criminals, or getting a rose quartz tower when I intuitively feel called to be more connected to and soft in my heart.

Crystal grid, crystal healing on The Moment, Wellness and clean beauty

K: Why did you start Crystal Criminals?

K + E: The seed was planted over a year ago on our first date, when I showed Ksenia how to clear and program crystals. Over time we just continued to buy each other crystal gifts and I was called to start using crystals in my artwork. I went to Tucson for the Gem And Mineral Show this past January guided by my intuition, and I came home with over 50 pounds of crystals, and started making grids. Ksenia did her photo, video, Instagram magic and encouraged me to work and then insisted we share with the world despite my rampant perfectionism. We love SHARING CRYSTALS and how they have the ability to positively affect people in fulfilling on what matters to them. 

K: What would you say to crystal skeptics?

K + E: I’m impressed with your openness and willingness to have read this far in this interview! You obviously have SOME interest in crystals. Crystals will do what they do whether you are skeptical or not.

We don’t understand, either scientifically or intellectually, how most things work in life but we do many of those things anyway. I can be skeptical of whether or not drinking water is necessary to survive, but it still works to sustain me whether I believe in it or not.

K: What about those who are eager to learn, but not yet able to perceive the energy?

K + E: Get a crystal you love and keep it near you. Pick it up and look at it and touch it periodically. Your intuition guides you to whatever crystal is best for you to work with wherever it is that you are at this moment in your path in life.

Don’t think too hard about it or wrinkle your brow trying. Tune into yourself and quiet your mind and then try “talking” to the crystal. The energy of crystals is felt much more subtly for many people. There are many levels of being that crystals impact so just because you don’t feel it physically does not mean the crystal isn’t impacting you in other vital energetic capacities.

K: So… when is the next workshop or event!?

K + E: Stay tuned!

K: Where can our community tune in to get the next announcement?

K + E: Connect with us on Instagram – @crystalcriminals, @ericbrief and @wokeandwired.

Special thanks to Eric and Ksenia!

Photo via Crystal Criminals



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