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Crystal Infused Beauty

Ever since attending the Crystal Grid workshop with Crystal Criminals, I’ve been obsessed with growing my collection and infusing anything I can get my hands on with crystal energy. Like Eric and Ksenia taught me, leaving it in my water pitcher overnight made my morning glass of lemon water so much more impactful. I wanted to take it to the next level, so I took a cue from Mama Medicine and Melissa Parker Rousseau and started dropping them into my bath water to set intentions for the week ahead. That made bath time truly magical. But what about infusing our beauty products with crystal energy?

Laney and I got so excited last month when we received the prettiest Amethyst Body Oil from Skin Owl. It’s not made with actual amethyst, but uses purple mica powder to capture the essence and represent the power of the stone. It gave our collar and cheek bones an opalescent glow, and left me craving more crystal infused beauty.

How great it was to hear that New York Based Jewelry Designer Paige Novick announced a collaboration with notable clean beauty favorite, Bios Apothecary, to come out with a new line of gem-stone infused oils aptly named, Gem Story. As a jewelry designer, Novick is the perfect candidate to spearhead high-end crystal infused clean beauty. I’m  partial to Dream Multi-Sensory Oil applied just to the pulse points before bed. The lavender smell lulls you into a good nights rest while the amethyst and quartz team up to cleanse and heal the spirit. As a newly-minted crystal nerd, I was all ears to get the low-down on Paige’s relationship with healing crystals.


Paige Novick Gem Story Oil Crystal Healing Gm-Stone Fragrance Oil collection on Clean beauty, non-toxic beauty site The Moment, crystal infused

Kendall: Hi Paige! So nice to be able to chat about the new collection and the first Paige Novick beauty product! You partnered up with Bios Apothecary to create these oils, who’s ethos is very much centered around using wholesome, organic ingredients. Why did you feel they were the right brand to partner with on these oils and what’s your relationship with the clean beauty movement?

Paige: When I met Michelle O’Carroll, of Bios Apothecary, we had an instant affinity and meeting of the minds. In addition to a shared philosophy centered on supply chain sustainability and promoting “clean beauty”, meaning safe or non-toxic, our individual skill sets also complement each other in a meaningful way.

K: Can you tell us more about the Gem Story Oils? Why you decided to create them, how to use them, and a personal favorite scent of yours?

P: Bios Apothecary’s esthetically minded approach to natural personal care products spoke to me. I also love that everything is produced in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The Gem Story Multi-Sensory Oils are truly the lovechild of our uniquely different, yet greatly compatible brands. The Gem Story Oils were created to both elevate and demystify the woo-woo element associated with crystals and essential oils. Our Multi-Sensory Oils speak to the idea of intentional beauty and exist at the intersection of mindfulness and luxe design. Our delicious scents serve a dual purpose: to be dabbed on pulse points and worn as a light fragrance as well as a tool to help you cultivate a core intention. We suggest using the oils as reminders throughout the day, as you would a word or a phrase similar to a personal mantra, goal or affirmation. Our five themes are: Passion, Dream, Calm, Balance and Strength.  My favorite scent is Balance because of the jasmine and rosewood essential oils, but I am equally obsessed with the rose and frankincense notes in Passion. Truth be told, they all smell divine so depending on the day (and my mood) any one of the magic five could be my favorite! As they are purely oil based they feel heavenly on the skin as well.

K: What about these mixes of crystals in each oil? Why multiple instead of one type of crystal in each oil? Does each mix call something unique into your life?

P: The crystals that we chose for Gem Story were based on their known healing properties. For example, Amethyst promotes sweet dreams and is an extremely protective and healing gemstone. By combining relaxing lavender and chamomile (think aromatherapy) with amethyst, we intensify the overall efficacy of the elixir.

We decided to add Crystal Quartz to most of the blends as it both cleanses and amplifies the power of each crystal. Each themed oil calls something unique into your life and can be interpreted any way that speaks to you. For example, Passion may mean romance and intimacy to one person, and life purpose to another. As we like to say: Our Story. Your Story. Gem Story.

K: I want to talk about how you first became interested in crystals. You came out with your Powerful Pretty Things collection last year, and seem to be further narrowing a focus on healing crystals. What sparked that interest?

P: I’ve been a student of meditation for five years under Suze Yalof Schwartz of Unplug Meditation. As I tuned into my own vibrations, I recognized an intense calling to heal others (and in the process myself). Suze helped me shape this life purpose by leading me to crystals and their healing powers. This curiosity led me to develop Powerful Pretty Things, a precious and semi-precious colored gemstone collection with a focus on the healing properties of the stones rather than it being purely about esthetics. There is so much beautiful jewelry out there that it was important to me to incorporate an authentic and personal narrative into everything that I create. Gem Story is the next chapter in the evolution of our brand and an expression of my own personal journey.

K: You recently became a certified crystal healer. For those who don’t know, what does that mean exactly and how do we heal with crystals? How have you healed with crystals?

P: While I am technically certified in crystal healing, I prefer to say that I use the crystals as tools for personal transformation.

A few facts about crystals: They’ve lived under the earth’s surface for thousands of years; they are alive and vibrate at different frequencies, depending on the color and shape of the stone. They are natures little gift to us. Quartz, which vibrates at the highest frequency, is used in various forms of modern technology from watches, to calculators, credit cards and computers. When we meditate with a crystal, it vibrates it attunes with our own energy centers, or Chakras, helping to bring all into balance. That being said, if you are a non-believer, a crystal can simply be used as a good luck talisman or as a focal point during meditation. I use crystals as vibrational tools during guided meditations in order to tune into our own power and ultimately heal. Think of crystals as your assistants; you are running the show, but they are working hard to support you from the sidelines.

K: For those just getting in to crystals, what do you recommend as far as what to collect first, how to get to know your crystals, or what books to read and podcast to listen to? What books to read and podcast to listen to?

P: I suggest going into your local rock shop and allowing the crystals to choose you. Do not over think; just let the stones speak to you. Once you select your crystals, get up close and personal with them and become mindful of how they make you feel. Do not judge, as you may feel nothing at first (or ever!) and that is ok. Try setting an intention and then carry one or all of your crystals around with you, or place them near you at home or work. Let your crystals serve as a reminder to stay focused on your goal.

In terms of reading, my crystal bible is The Crystal Healer by Phillip Permutt. My other favorite, but non-crystal related book, is An Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.

K: What’s your beauty spirituality? How do the things you make, rituals you repeat, and products you use play into your sense of self and connectedness with the world?

P: My daily ritual consists of a quick intention setting morning meditation, and another one at the end of the day, usually in the bathtub. I use Bios Apothecary’s delicious Rose Bath oil.

I lead a mindfulness class at my son’s school in NYC, which has been my most fulfilling challenge to date. It has been a gift to equip these tweens with the tools for self-love and emotional expression. In today’s uncertain world, if we can make our kids just a little bit happier, calmer and tuned into their own power then we will all sleep a little better. And if not, there is always Gem Story, Dream!

K: And lastly, how do you stay in the moment? In the here and now?

P: I stay in the moment by just breathing. Yes, it is as simple as that

Special thanks to Paige Novick!

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