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Shirley Pinkson radiates goodness. She’s the type of person where after spending 5 hours with her, like we did shooting this video, you just want to spend more. You get the impression that, just maybe, if you keep standing next to her, you’ll absorb her positive vibes and epic success.

She’s 1 part of the 3 founders of W3LL People; Hence the 3. Her background in makeup artistry (she spent time at makeup giants MAC and Nars) means she leads the product development side of W3LL People. As quite arguably the largest natural beauty brand out there, we couldn’t help but ask how the brand runs. Turns out, everyone does a bit of everything. Yes, she’s in charge of developing the products, but she also helps with sales, marketing, and everything in between (note to all you budding entrepreneurs out there).

When it comes to the makeup, the line has about 20 hero products – no joke. Everyone talks about their mascara, and also their tinted moisturizer, and you can’t forget their Bio Brightener Stick. Turns our they spent 5 years developing their mascara, because Shirley wanted it to be perfect, perfect, perfect. Well, perfectionism pays off. It’s definitely one of the best on the clean beauty market. In this video, Shirley works her magic and shows how to use all of these gems, including a couple new products as well. 

We’ve been using all of them since filming and we keep getting complements on our skin. “It’s so dewy,” “flawless,” “glowing” are just a few of the reviews we’ve gotten. We attribute this to everything we learned from Shirley on that fateful (and very rainy!) day at her Brooklyn apartment. Watch the video and read the tutorial below to to get the tips for yourself!





Day to Night Beauty

A Step by Step Guide
Start out with a clean base. Apply Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer with a pump of the new Bio Booster Serum. The serum works wonders with the tinted moisturizer, allowing it to look natural, while keep coverage more full. Conceal any remaining spots or under eye discoloration with the Bio-Correct Multi-Action Concealer. Use the remaining concealer over the eyelids to even skin tone and provide a base for any shadows. Dust with Bio Brightener Invisible Powder to set, sweeping in a downwards motion. This downward motion is the key to getting  that super smooth finish.
Make cheeks pop with the Bio Bronzer Stick. Start under the cheek bones, and finish just before the apples of the cheek, creating a “coma”. Tap in to blend while keeping color concentrated. Apply to hairline, tip of the nose, and tip of the chin. Use a small amount in the creases of the eyelid to create depth and warmth.
Use the Bio Brightener Stick to highlight your features. A swipe on the top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and center of the forehead should do the trick. Exaggerate a great pout with a hint of brightener on the cupid’s bow; Wherever light naturally hits. Use a Nudist Multi-Use Cream Stick to complete the glow. Here, Shirley uses Nude Peach. 
Time for the eyes! Apply Expressionist Liquid Liner to the base of the lashes. Don’t worry about applying in one fell swoop. Instead, dot along to create thickness. Next, add a few coats of one of our favorite W3ll People products, the Expressionist Mascara, with Shirley’s signature jiggle and twirl technique.
Finish the Day look with a swipe of Bio Extreme Lip Gloss in Nude Rose. 

Transform your day look into night with a few simple products. Color along the lashes with the Hypnotist Eye Pencil in Black. Don’t be afraid to get a little messy. Then blend in to the eye line. Re-gloss the lips with a more neutral tone like the Bio Extreme Lip Gloss in Nudist. Add a bit more brightener and mascara to complete the look.

Special thanks to Shirley Pinkson of W3ll People!

Video by Julie Florio



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