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If you live in or around the New York metropolitan area, do us a favor and type ” 76 E Houston St” into your Google Maps app, hop on the nearest train, and make your way to the new NYC home of The Detox Market. This spot is game changing. Founder Romain Gaillard spent the better part of six years in search of the perfect location to open the clean beauty mecca on the east coast. With three store in its native Los Angeles, and three in Toronto, this makes Romain’s lucky number seven. The brick store sits on the corner of bustling Houston and Elizabeth, but the real magic happens inside.

The first floor (there are three FYI) houses every clean beauty product you could ever dream about, with info cards that highlight the brands, their missions and their founders. The Detox Market loves to promote and carry beauty lines made by passionate people who refuse to compromise on quality-and they want you to know the faces of these brands too! It adds an intimate touch to an already highly personal shopping experience.


The next floor acts as a cozy event space, mocking a chic downtown apartment with long tables, comfortable couches, and a library of non-toxic literature. To celebrate the opening, The Detox Market hosted a series of engaging activations in the space in which founders and editors united in panel discussions, beauty demonstrations, and salon sessions. We attended a few with W3ll People, and Rahua Beauty. We’re confident there are many, many more public events of this nature to come, and a few exciting expert residencies too.

And as if it wasn’t already enough, the third, top floor is this beautiful terrace that we can totally picture ourselves enjoying in the summer during a panel discussion or dinner event, with a glass of white wine in hand.

The vision that is The Detox Market has been carefully created by community builders and wellness enthusiasts to bring you the best of the best. That’s why it took so long to find the perfect space; Romain wanted a multi-story space to create a multi-dimensional community experience. We can’t wait to see what else is in store. Welcome to New York The Detox Market!


Photo courtesy of The Detox Market

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