The Dream Gift Guide For: Your Girl Friends

Our girl friends are some of the most important and supportive people in our lives (obviously!). We always stress about getting something really good for our friends because we know that they deserve something as thoughtful as they are. Here’s our Dream Gift Guide for the beautiful and meaningful gifts that will treat your friends with care. We organized it into three categories: Clean Beauty favorites, the ingestibles that will give your BFF something as close to Superpowers as humanly possible, and some extra sweet Indulgences. We’re sure they’ll love them just as much as we do.

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Ever feel like you’re way behind when it comes to clean makeup? You have some easy products to apply over your oils and creams but always forget to stock up on the really good stuff for fun nights out and holiday parties. Your girl friends are likely in the same boat. Change direction by gifting her Beautycounter’s Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Iconic. It has all the colors she loves to wear when she’s feeling fun, but nothing she’d already own. We can also vouch for BC’s eyeshadows and say they’re the best! $50

Klei Beauty

There’s something about playing with clay that feels primal and wise. It’s as beautiful as it is fun. Klei Beauty nailed it by bottling up some of the planet’s most beautiful clays, giving you and a friend the power to mix, mask, and multi-mask to your heart’s content to suit your skin perfectly. Forget everything you know about harsh and drying clay masks, Klei Beauty’s Nourish Mask (our personal favorite!) uses skin-loving coconut milk and honey powder to change everything. $34

Le Prunier

You heard it here first, the most amazing face oil is 100% plum oil. Crazy, right? We had no idea until we tried Le Prunier’s Plum Beauty Oil and OMG it’s seriously life-changing. It’s thick, but not too thick, absorbent but not a dry oil, seals in nourishment but doesn’t clog your pores. It’s. Perfect. And kind of the end all be all of face oil, which is why your BFF would surely love one too. Place it in a cute bag with a jade face roller and you’ve got yourself a dream gift. $72

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So you’ve been dabbling in CBD oils and have been loving them to settle in at the end of the day (same!), now it’s time to share the goodness with your girl friends. Juna makes these thoughtfully composed CBD and THC oil blends to accompany you through the day’s highs and lows. The THC blend in only available in CA, but the Nude CBD blend is every bit as delicious. And we seriously mean delicious. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of CBD blends have a mildewy aftertaste to them because its contents haven’t been treated carefully. Not Juna! It tastes as good going down as it does when the CBD sets in, probably because it was created by a certified sommelier who only uses the BEST ingredients. $75

Wooden Spoon Herbs

Imagine telling the sweets lover in your life that it’s perfectly acceptable to drink a warm cup of hot cocoa every morning, and that it’s actually doing good for you! Wooden Spoon Herbs ingeniously crafted 3 adaptogen-filled cocoa powders to make any morning ritual special on an emotional and molecular level. Made in small batches and thoughtfully extracted, we’re partial to the Mushroom Chocolate blend to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. Tell your girl friend that she can add a few scoops to warm mylk, or can use it to whip up a sweet chocolaty treat. $36

The Nue Co

A kit from The Nue Co will always make a great gift for someone you love. Especially if that someone doesn’t get nearly enough sleep. Their Well Rested kit are like superpowers in a bottle as it gives you the BEST sleep of your life. Their Sleep Drops help you fall asleep and more importantly, stay asleep. Magnesium Ease is voodoo in a spray bottle. Massage it into muscles and feel the tension melt. Last but not least, the Energy Food + Prebiotic powder helps boost and stabilize your energy levels the next morning so you’re ready to take on the world again. $200

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Your BF is having a baby and you can’t be more thrilled (and slightly terrified) for her. There are so many things you want to recommend, so many books she needs to read. We’re sure she’s over-thinking allll of the same things you were when you were pregnant. Remember that? When all you wanted was for someone to remind you how beautiful and strong you are for creating this life. Yeah.. we get it. So give your friend that reminder so she feels nourished and prepared with Hatch’s Beauty for Beauty Tote. It lets your friend find her beauty every single day. The tote includes practical and indulgent goods like a Belly Fix mark minimizing mask (cute IG pic alert), Pocket Spa Trio aromatherapy oil blends to get her through the day’s ups and downs, Down, Girl soothing leg and foot relief, and sooo much more. Plus she gets the cute tote 🙂 $298

Lake & Skye

This is one of those things that you just HAVE to smell in person, and you instantly get it. She doesn’t know it yet, but 11 11 from Lake & Skye is your best friend’s new favorite perfume. It’s feminine, unhinged, and a little bit otherworldly. That’s the magic of musky white ambers. Because it’s such a popular scent, the makers of Lake & Skye have turned it into a full-sized bottle of perfume and the most delicious soy candle. $48, $98 for the full size


Nothing says ‘I love you!’ like sustainable Mongolian cashmere. It’s soft, it’s practical, it’s luxe, and your friend will most certainly cherish it for many winters to come. There are so many beautiful Naadam sweaters to choose from, but The Essential sweater comes in 10 different shades and is only $75, which is so, SO worth it. $75

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