The Ethical Flower Bouquet

Before The Moment had even launched, the philanthropic foodie site Feast it Forward, asked us if we were interested in creating a web series around conscious entertaining. We called it, The Table. Having never created a web series before, we weren’t sure what we were getting into, but it sounds cool, so we jumped in. We spent a week filming in Sag Harbor, New York, meeting with local vendors, and cooking a ton of beauty food recipes. It was exhausting, but crazy fun. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showing you excerpts from some of our favorite episodes. You can then watch the full episode over on Feast it Forward’s site.

This episode is about flower arranging. We went to our local flower shop, Sag Harbor Florist, and talked to the owner, Anastasia about the importance of buying local flowers that are in season. Most flowers are shipped in from Holland or Mexico. In other words, flowers have huge environmental footprints. But, there are almost always local options that you might not have thought of, like wildflowers, vines, or herbs.

What’s important is how you style them. Here’s where this video comes in. We show you how a little tape (and vodka) can go a long way in creating beautiful arrangements that will last.

Step One
 Pour some water into your vase. Add a tablespoon of cheap vodka. This will kill any bacteria from the flowers and keep them looking beautiful longer.

Step Two
 Take floral tape, or any regular tape, and pull it across the vase in a criss cross pattern.

Step Three
Hold all of the flowers in your hand that you want to put into a vase. Arrange them so they look exactly how you want them to. Now trim the ends so they are all the same height.

Step Four
Place the flowers into the vase, in between the pieces of tape. The tape will hold the flowers in place. Add any additional flowers to fill out the bouquet as needed.

Special thanks to Feast it Forward!

Director of Photography: Tara Sgroli

Edited by Raphael Jimenez

Produced by Debi Gollan

Executive Producer: Jakki Leonardini



Create Your Beautiful Bouquet

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