The Moment reviews clean Toronto based skincare brand F. Miller and the new cleansing oil, perfect for sensitive skin

F. Miller

Ok- We are about to get really real with you. Are you ready? We’ll admit it… we don’t wash our face everyday. We know, we know! It sounds awful, but we have our reasons! Or had our reasons, past tense, because F. Miller’s new Cleansing Oil is changing everything for us. If you have sensitive skin like we do, you’ll be the first to defend our shocking skincare ritual (or lack there of). Many cleansers on the skincare market, even the clean and natural ones, can be way too intense. A lot of the time, they strip our skin of its natural oils, which disrupts the moisture barrier, and throws the whole ecosystem of our complexion off balance.

Our moisture barrier regulates our skin’s moisture levels. The same theory applies to your scalp; So yes, you can thank this theory for the whole “Not washing your hair for days at a time” trend. When we disrupt the moisture barrier, our skin is either left feeling dried out as we try to restore moisture with creams and balms, or our skin over compensates by producing excess oil. F. Miller’s Cleansing Oil will let you wash the day away without disrupting this delicate balance because it’s made with oil which doesn’t strip the skin!

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We aren’t shy about our love for face oils here on The Moment. They’re moisturizing, luxurious, and they’re actually amazing at removing makeup and impurities, which is why it makes so much sense to create an entire cleanser out of them! Fran Miller, the namesake for the hip Toronto skincare line, sat down with us to talk us through this dream products. It’s made with a mix of Jojoba, sunflower, safflower, calendula, and other active botanical ingredients and is also super pure, made without harmful preservatives, parabens, and sulphates. It’s a simple approach to luxurious skincare. Not to mention, the brand is so cool and we have a serious girl crush on Fran.

Fran’s best tip? After cleansing, while our face is still wet, apply a face oil (we can already vouch for the F. Miller face oil). Or, using a Toning Mist of rosewater mist. The oil and water will mix to form an emollient to give you an extra boost of hydration.

Try the new Cleansing Oil for yourself and let us know what you think. Happy washing!

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