by rosie jane clean beauty fragrance and perfume

Finding Your Signature Scent

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Rosie Jane. She’s Australian, and lives in LA with her 3 gorgeous kids. Makeup artist turned perfumer, she brought by Rosie Jane with her to our tea date. by Rose Jane is, as you might have guessed, Rosie’s clean fragrance line. The first thing I noticed as she took her products out of her bag, was the packaging. It’s has that Australian je ne sais quoi quality about it, simple and cool. Before we even started talking about her scents, she told me about how important sustainability is to her, hence why her packaging is made from 100% recycled or recyclable materials. Nothing makes me swoon quite like someone, or some brand, that loves mother earth like me. I was in love before I even smelled anything. She walked me through all of her fragrance babies, the first being Leila Lou. I immediately recognized it, in fact it kinda reminded me of someone I know in LA. She smiled knowingly when I told her, clearly I didn’t realize how viral her scents are. But it makes sense, because Sephora just started carrying her line and she is officially the first indie fragrance brand in Sephora (that’s kinda a huge deal don’t you think?). Before we said our good byes, I chose James to bring home. James is light, earthy and romantic, with notes of fig, amber, and gardenia. It’s easy, which I like for that easy daytime look.
By Rosie Jane is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and is vegan.


by rosie jane clean beauty fragrance and perfume

Laney: How did By Rosie Jane get started??

Rosie: I started BRJ almost by accident – in 2005 I was working as a makeup artist and I had created a product – CHEEK and LIP GLOSS which was sold through about 50 high end clothing boutiques. In 2008 the recession hit and half of our boutiques closed and makeup budgets dried up. My income was cut in half. A colleague of mine said “you should do a fragrance to add to your line!” I thought she was out of her mind…. 6 months later, I started to play around with fragrance oils and basically never stopped. I hand mixed for the first few years until in 2009 I worked with a perfumer to create my first official fragrance and in 2010 I launched Leila Lou fragrance.

L: What set’s BRJ apart from other clean fragrances?

R: I think BRJ fragrances are easy to wear, approachable and simple to add into your daily beauty routine. They have a softness to them.

 by rosie jane clean beauty fragrance and perfume

L: How did you choose ingredients for BRJ?

R: When I am creating fragrances – I start mixing with pure oils. Essential oils, absolutes, fragrance oil, the whole gamut. Then once I have created the fragrance I love, I sit down with my perfumer and recreate it clean! That doesn’t always mean NATURAL. That means no phthalates, no parabens, no hormone interrupters. The word synthetic gets such a bad wrap but there are so many amazing things happening in the fragrance world and without the world of SAFE synthetics perfume as we know it would disappear.

L: How to choose your signature scent?

R: What I love most about fragrance is, you can’t fake it… Your body will let you know if you love it or hate a fragrance and you can’t fight it. When choosing a signature scent – I always recommend NOT reading the notes, just close your eyes and smell – your signature scent will find you.

Special thanks to Rosie Jane!

Photo courtesy of by Rosie Jane.


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