The Moment and clean makeup artists Sarah Rose of Rose and Rouge breaks down the best clean foundation on the market!

Foundation 101

Clean, non-toxic foundation is a hot topic. When you bring up clean beauty, it’s the one product that just about everyone wants to talk about. Foundation is so personal. Women think of it as their security blanket. It helps cover up anything we don’t want the world to see. It’s our base. It protects us. Which is why it’s hard to give up the tried and true.

But ironically, this super hero product in its traditional form is full of toxins, silicon, and parabens (in other words, it’s not saving us, it’s hurting us). So, we set out to find the best clean foundations and concealers. What we found surprised us. Not only did we oftentimes like them better than their big brand counterparts, but we fell in love with how they actually act as skincare, doing good for our skin, while providing coverage. Now, that’s the real definition of hero.

Sarah Rose, renown clean makeup artist, was our guide through the process. She brought over all of her clean foundation favorites and broke them down for us. We talked about coverages (light versus medium versus heavy), formulation (stick versus liquid), and how to best apply them. If you missed our Instagram Live, or if you just want a guide to refer back to, here is everything you need to know about clean, non-toxic foundation in one easy place:




Favorite Clean Foundation on The Moment, Vapour Beauty Cream Stick Foundation, Clean Foundation

Vapour Luminous Foundation – “Designed for dryer skin-types, this sheer, yet build-able foundation stick provides continuous hydration and a glow from within. Vapour’s waterless formulas are 100% natural, at least 70% organic, and use 30% mineral and essential oil ingredients to deliver an extremely skin-care oriented approach to makeup. I find these foundations to be pivotal in helping one transition out of being reliant on a foundation due to their Herbal Enlightenment Complex which consists of soothing lotus, antibacterial tulsi, and reparative frankincense.”  -Sarah Rose

Favorite Clean Foundation on The Moment, W3ll People Narcissist Stick Foundation, Clean Foundation

W3LL People Narcissist Stick Foundation – “This creamy, stick foundation is mid-to-full coverage and give you a luminous, pearly glow from within. Since there’s aloe and camellia (otherwise known as green tea), it’s particularly fitting for sensitive or problem prone skin-types who can benefit from the formula’s soothing, anti-inflammatory qualities and build-able coverage. The super portable stick also doubles as a concealer when applied directly from the stick using a fingertip.” – Sarah Rose

Light Coverage

Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus FoundationVapour Soft Focus (pump) Foundation – “Massage just half a pump of this magic formula into the skin, as you would a moisturizer. It will even out skin-tone for an incredibly natural looking glow. This lightweight formula is more appropriate for oily or problem-prone skin, giving fuller coverage and sitting lighter on the skin than the Vapour Luminous Stick. It’s therapeutic formula will help fade post-blemish pigmentation with lycopene from a tomato, as well as provide relief for redness or inflammation with soothing camellia and lotus.” – Sarah Rose

Favorite Clean Foundation on The Moment, RMS Un-Cover Up ConcealerRMS “Un” Cover-up – “Rose Marie Swift’s experience on set and backstage is reflected in her beautifully formulated “un”cover-up. This coconut oil based foundation/concealer hybrid can be sheered out when used over a face oil, to create flawless looking skin. The texture evens out and fills in pores without looking like makeup on the skin.” – Sarah Rose 


Clean Foundation, The Moment and clean makeup artist Sarah Rose share our guide to Foundation 101

Kjaer Weis Foundation – “Kirsten Weis fine tuned this foundation to perfection. This formula is super velvety and lightweight, so it can be built up to any level of coverage or sheered out when used over a face oil. Whether you apply by hand or with a brush, this stunningly packaged foundation will be well loved. Kjaer Weis’s products are refillable, so Mother Earth loves it too!” – Sarah Rose 

Clean Foundation, The Moment and clean makeup artist Sarah Rose share our guide to Foundation 101

Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation – “This incredible serum foundation combines a face oil with mineral pigment to treat the skin while offering quite a bit of coverage! Broccoli seed oil provides the best dry, light-weight base that allows it to be semi-matte. My favorite trick with this one is to combine it with a few drops of your favorite face oil to customize the formula for your skin type, and to sheer out the coverage if you prefer something a bit lighter and dewy-er.” – Sarah Rose 


Mineral Powder

Favorite Clean Foundation on The Moment, W3ll People Altruist Foundation PowderW3LL People Altruist Foundation Powder – “Packed with freeze-flash dried aloe, this foundation powder is incredibly soothing–making it suitable for the most irritated, problem-prone skin. When your skin warms up, the therapeutic aloe and minerals activate and treat inflammation. This powder can also be combined with your favorite face oil to turn it into a liquid treatment foundation that addresses your personal skin needs.” – Sarah Rose

Jane Iredale Pressed Powder Favorite Clean Foundation on The Moment, Jane Iredlae Foundation Powder – “This finely milled pressed foundation powder is great on its own or to set and perfect your look for long-wear. The pressed format of this powder makes it perfect for on the go!” – Sarah Rose


Clean Foundation, The Moment and clean makeup artist Sarah Rose share our guide to Foundation 101RMS “Un” Cover-up – “This brightening concealer is based in coconut oil, which hydrates and repairs the skin while you’re wearing it. Use it under the eyes or just in targeted areas, such as blemishes or redness, give you a healthy and even radiant complexion.” – Sarah Rose

W3LL People Bio Correct Concealer on The Moment Favorite Clean FoundationsW3LL People Bio Correct Concealer – “Packed with aloe, algae, and caffeine, this concentrated concealer treats under eye puffiness and dark circles, while also being a perfect blend to treat blemishes. A little bit goes a long way, so use sparingly!” – Sarah Rose 

Special thanks to Sarah Rose!




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