Global Wellness Day

Global Wellness Day

Happy Global Wellness Day everyone! Yes, Global Wellness Day is an actual thing and it’s about time we set an official date for it. After all, wellness has the power to unite us through feeling and looking our best. When we feel the best in our skin, we have the power to give love and support to those around us. When you really think about it, isn’t wellness what we’re all searching for? To be happy in mind, healthy in body, and loving in spirit?

The coolest thing about Global Wellness Day, is that it’s GLOBAL. 100 countries across the globe will be celebrating today by taking a walk, drinking more water, doing a good deed, being kinder to the earth, or catching up on sleep. If you want to see how communities are celebrating across the globe, you can check out the official Global Wellness Day website here. We wanted to celebrate by asking our community of Moment Makers about wellness; Why it’s so important to them, and any advice they had on adding a little bit more to your life. Here’s what they had to say:


Global Wellness Day, Mama Medicine

Mama Medicine

“Wellness is important because it focuses on bringing balance to the mind body and sprit, something we are all really craving in moments like these. We should care about wellness because the work we do on our selves and our environment encourages those who come into contact with us to look into wellness, creating a more balanced human family. If you are interested in wellness, start by trying to move and nourish your mind, body and spirit everyday!” – Deborah Hanekamp, Space by Mama Medicine

Global Wellness Day, skin food talk, tara curran

Skin Food Talk

“Wellness is being in good health and the pursuit of it. Its become such a “buzzy” and trendy thing but it really does have great importance. Our society has driven us so far away from being in touch with our own body, and don’t even get me started with the food industry and how sad it is that unless you live in a great city, your food options are packaged goods filled with refined sugar and hormone-treated meat. Caring about your own wellness is more important than ever. It’s getting in tune with your body, being mindful of your day to day decisions and taking time to care for yourself so you can be your best self in this world. For me, it began with finding yoga, meditation, acupuncture treatments, and slowly changing my diet to a mostly plant-based way, and cooking for myself. It’s also consisted of therapies to dig deep and remove trauma and blocks, and it’s all a continuous journey. I think that any modality or conscious effort to feel good in your own skin is caring about “wellness”. Do what feels right for you, and when in doubt seek out the help of practitioners and healers for guidance.” – Tara Curran, Skin Food Talk 

Global Wellness Day, Crystal Criminals

Crystal Criminals

“I think wellness is so important because we all have a unique highest contribution to offer the universe and it’s our responsibility to make sure that gift is given to the greatest extent. Wellness is our access to being our best selves and to making that greatest contribution, whether it’s by making a crystal grid, the most amazing açaí bowl, or helping a mom carry their stroller up the subway stairs. We can do it simply by taking actions every day that will make us feel good about ourselves. Ksenia likes to ask me a very helpful question, which is, ‘Will this action empower you and have you feel good about yourself?'” – Eric Brief, Crystal Criminals

Jiva Apoha, Global Wellness Day


“Wellness aligns with mind, body & spirit. Brings JOY and LIGHT to LIFE itself. Wellness is my self-love with creator. It’s a happy path for attracting abundance, good health, and divine love. It takes discipline to re-wire the mind —then to form a daily practice in action, and thoughts , an art of balance in general.

Start by changing a couple of things in your diet, and exercise first then allow spirit to guide for teachers to be of aid——there are so many beautiful supportive healing circles now — share and discover, so that you do not feel alone. Purification, and detoxifying toxins in the body while starting a new regime is best. Frees the cloudy mind of the old, and makes room for the new beginnings. No matter where we’re coming from —toxins build, and must be released.” – Angela Shore, Jiva-Apoha

Global Wellness Day Quote, Soul Wellness Method

Soul Wellness Method

“Wellness is important because it signifies to ourself that we matter. Yes, maintaining a healthy, strong body is important for the immediate and long term, but what I find even more important is the commitment to ourself. We show up in the world differently, there’s an all-knowing calmness, and a rooted sense of self that comes with making time for wellness. Drink more water, eat more green veggies, have some fun, and be careful with your time” – Shauna Faulisi, Soul Wellness Method

Living Minnaly, Minna Lee, a, Global Wellness Day

Living Minnaly

“The question is simple, and the answer is just as simple– because without our health, we truly can’t live the life we are capable of. For me, wellness is the conduit to health. All of the things that fall under the wellness umbrella in my eyes, such as working out, sleep, nutrition, mental health, self-care, are the very things that allow me to perform my best at work and to enjoy the fun parts of life to the fullest.” – Minna Lee, Living Minnaly + Live 24K

Special thanks to all of our Moment Makers!

Photo by Kristine Lo



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