Clean graphic eyeliner techniques using w3ll Peopl's expressionist liquid eyeliner

Graphic Liner

Trolling around Pinterest these days, we can’t deny that cool graphic liner is having a major moment. From thin lines, to successions of dots, to (more or less) pieces of total artwork, it’s a trend that’s sadly been leaving the clean beauty world in the dust!

The problem? We could never find a great clean liquid eyeliner capable of creating clean lines and fun designs. Enter W3ll People’s Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner. It completely changed the game. Actually, Goop just heralded it as the best clean eyeliner out there, and we whole heartedly agree.

Once we found the perfect product, we were still a bit intimidated by the technique. So we called our most famous and fabulous makeup artist friend, Victor Henao (he does Adriana Lima, Hilaria Baldwin, Chrissy Teigen, and Kendall Jenner to name a few). He loves this look too:

“I’m constantly using liquid liner as a staple in my makeups because it’s the most versatile and easiest way to amp, complete, or dress up any makeup look with simply one product.” – Victor

He broke down the looks for us below:


Classic and Chic




“This is the easiest but probably the most intimating way to wear eyeliner… my recommendations is to create the wing first. Follow the line from the bottom of the eye and start extending that with your liquid liner. Follow through at the root of the last line. You can finish with some makeup remover and a cotton swab if cleaning up is required. If you’re wearing eyeshadow with this look, continue with eyeshadow and finish with another coat of eyeliner.” – Victor





Fun and Trendy


Cool Liquid Eyeliner techniques on The Moment


“Putting a dot at the end of your wing is a super fun way to dress up the wing. Extend your wing just enough that when you apply the dot, it won’t look off balance. Maybe if it does, add an extra dot! ”  -Victor












“The easiest and most fun way to wear eyeliner… inspired by Edie Sedgwick. Follow the natural orbital bone underneath the skin and have fun with it! ”  -Victor








Bold Graphic




“I always think the most graphic looks are always the easiest. Create your lines and complete with a cotton swap to clean up and correct any imperfections. ”  -Victor






Special thanks to Victor Henao!

Photos sourced through Pinterest



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