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Healing Magic with Mama Medicine

I had the pleasure of attending an event at Mama Medicine with True Botanicals this morning. True Botanicals is a brand I love dearly (as I’m sure you’ve noticed as I’ve talked about them here here and here), but I was most excited to meet Deborah, the Mama Medicine. I’d been following her on Instagram for a while and every thing about her interests me. She’s kind of the embodiment of the woman I dream of being; She grew up in CT, became an Initiated Amazonian Shaman, a Reiki Master and Yogini. She’s been able to see people’s aura’s since birth… and did we mention she’s also a mother?

Because I believe in synchronicity, it was no surprise to me that Kendall had lined up this interview with her weeks ago to go live today – and I had no idea! Since I only got a couple minutes to talk to her at the event, I was so excited to read her answers to these questions, and find out how she went from east coast living, to the amazonian jungle, and then back to NYC to open her own practice. If you’re in New York, you must visit her. You leave glowing and grounded, and smiling.


The Moment: Hi Deborah, how are you and where are you? 

Hanekamp: Hello! I’m currently in Soho, NYC in Space by Mama Medicine feeling grateful to have a moment to sit-down and have this lovely interview. For the past eighteen years I’ve been on a powerful spiritual journey that took me all over the world to places like, Thailand and Peru where I picked up some tools to heal myself and am now in a place where I’d like to set that example of self healing to the world.

The Moment: Can you introduce us to your Mama Medicine practice and medicine readings for those who aren’t familiar? What is a seeress?

Hanekamp: A Medicine Reading is a full-sensory experience that engages the faculties of scent, sound, and feeling and lasts no more than 2 hours, inducing a trance state in the recipient. A recipient does not need to believe in anything in order to benefit from the experience (skeptics welcome). After effects may include: euphoria, bliss, stability, feeling grounded in the present moment, and profound sense of wellbeing.  Long term benefits can include anti-aging, weight loss, physical radiance, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, ability to be open to love and connected to your purpose, the acceptance of and gratitude for the life you live.

Seeress: a woman endowed with profound moral

and spiritual insight or knowledge; a wise person

or sage who possesses intuitive powers.

The Moment: We’ve heard that you’ve been able to read people’s auras from a very young age. What is an aura and how does it direct you in spiritually healing someone?

Hanekamp: An aura is the energy surrounding a person, place or object. Based on the colors and shapes I see in the aura I’ve been able to develop my own healing language and then interpret it to my clients to shed a light on hidden talents and gifts or things that could be blocking them on their path.

The Moment: Do you remember the first time you saw someone’s aura? What was that experience like? (if you don’t mind sharing)

Hanekamp: I actually can’t remember a time when I couldn’t see peoples auras but I do remember the first time I shared that I could see auras with other people. I was twelve and was talking to my friends about the colors around people and what they meant to me and in a moment of pre-teen horror they looked at me confused and started laughing and that’s when I realized not everyone could see these colors.

Space by Mama Medicine Deborah Hanekamp interview on The Moment, clean beauty

The Moment: You studied with a Peruvian shaman in the Amazon for eight years. How did you go from growing up in small town CT to studying along side a shaman? That’s quite an amazing transition.

Hanekamp: I left Connecticut when I was very young with a strong desire to see and experience all this beautiful world has to offer. That lead me to traveling all over the world to places like Thailand, Brazil and Peru but I actually met my first teacher in NYC and later met his teacher in the Peruvian Amazon who became my teacher.

The Moment: What are your favorite tools and instruments to use during a cleansing session?

Hanekamp: My voice is my most powerful tool.

The Moment: Can you tell us about the life enhancing homework your clients leave with after a session with you?

Hanekamp: The homework I give varies, ranging from very specific instructions like “try a yoga teacher training” to more ambiguous things to remember like “receptivity”.

The Moment: Why do you love what you do and where do you hope to take your practice in the future?

Hanekamp: Just today, as I was wrapping up a Medicine Reading I was overcome with gratitude for how fortunate to be doing what I am doing, helping people find the love that will heal them within themselves. In the future I just see Medicine Readings growing to be even bigger than me, I’m so happy my apprentice Luciana is now offering her own Medicine Readings.

The Moment: At The Moment, we define beauty by three pillars- the thoughtfully produced products we use, the food we fill ourselves with, and the wellness rituals we create. How do these medicine readings play into this new, whole-life idea of beauty?

Hanekamp: I love that!

I think Love is beauty and Medicine Readings help connect us to love and therefore beauty. The more connected to love we are the more we will naturally use products and foods that are less harmful to our planet and our bodies creating an inner beauty that shines forth for all to see. The Ritual part of beauty feels like a way to honor that connection to nature and all the love it gives us.

The Moment: Do you have a favorite beauty food?

Hanekamp: Hot water with lemon in the morning is my beauty go-to at the moment.

The Moment: Most loved personal self-care ritual of the moment?

Hanekamp: A Ritual Bath of course!

The Moment: How do you stay in the moment?

Hanekamp: Meditation helps me to remember that there is great purpose in all of this.

Space by Mama Medicine Deborah Hanekamp interview on The Moment, clean beauty

Special thanks to Deborah Hanekamp!



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