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Heyday and A Skin Therapist’s Secret Beauty Tips

Picture this: You’ve just stepped out of your Tuesday’s pilates class or Tracy sweat sesh and you feel good, really good. But you also feel really, really sweaty. You just detoxed your pores with a lot of water and a little bit of perspiration, but all of those toxins you just released are still sitting on your face. You have an important meeting in an hour and you need something, FAST. Sound all too real? That’s because it happens to us almost weekly! Not to worry, because we figured out the secret to success. It lies in Heyday Skincare’s 50-minute Facial, complete with a thorough deep-cleansing and extractions.

HeyDay Skincare, Heyday spa, Heyday, Clean Beauty, Non-toxic skincare, Non-toxic beauty,

If you haven’t heard of Heyday yet, you’ve been missing out! It’s a busy woman’s best kept bi-coastal secret. For those who follow us on Instagram, you’ll already know the amazingness that is Heyday because one of their pro estheticians took over our IG stories a few weeks ago to spill her skincare secrets [recounted below]. Heyday is a one-stop clean beauty and wellness shop that offers some of our all-time favorite non-toxic products, and the best quick facial for your buck. Their services start at $65 for a 30-minute facial (yep, you read that right!) and they have shops across Manhattan and now, Los Angeles. Their experienced and kind estheticians tailor the facial to your skin type so you and your skin leave happy. They’re also very nice, so don’t be afraid to ask the estheticians allll of the skincare questions you have, as I did. The goal is that you’ll leave Heyday feeling brighter and more chilled out. They’re also the best for a little monthly maintenance.

HeyDay Skincare, Heyday spa, Heyday, Clean Beauty, Non-toxic skincare, Non-toxic beauty,


Now on to those tips. To make it a little easier, we jotted down the biggest takeaways from Heyday’s skincare. Shout out to Joanne, the sweetest LA esthetician for the knowledge!

Skincare Secrets From A Skin Therapist
  • Facial massages are best done in the shower. It increases circulation, brings nutrients, and takes away toxins from the outer layers of the skin.
  • Wondering what order to apply your products? Joanne recommends: Serum, eye cream, moisturizer, sunscreen. Think lightest to heaviest.
  • No one likes acne. Do a pinch and twist motion in the areas you get acne to loosen up the sebaceous gland and any of the debris stuck in the pores. It works like magic.
  • Fair warning, never mix retinol/ Vitamin A products with any other ingredients. It could cause a bad reaction and you’ll end up with a rash- no thanks!
  • Last tip, a note on cleansing. Always wash your face last when in you’re in the shower. That prevents any hair conditioner from remaining on your skin. Be sure to wash each area of your face for at least 15 seconds. These days there’s so much to wash off, from long-wear foundations to smog and pollution.


Heyday Favorites

When stop by Heyday, we just can’t leave without picking up one of our favorites:

Special thanks to Joanne at Heyday!

Photos courtesy of Heyday Skincare

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