How to Get a Clean Manicure Anywhere

Don’t know about you, but I’ve been getting my nails done regularly since I was 23 and working at my first real job. Every week I would get a fresh coat of bright red, or a barely-there pink. Then, I went through a phase of getting gel nails because I hate chips (this still makes me shutter when I think of what it takes to get gel off!). I felt naked without my nails done.

When I started to learn about how toxic nail polish and nail polish remover is for you, I decided to go bare. Like, nothing, not even on my toes. To this day my friends can’t believe I don’t get polish on my toes. But when I stopped wearing polish, I felt so good I just couldn’t go back. I equate it to washing your face and letting your skin breath. I hadn’t let my nail breath for like 10 years!  Scary.

But, that’s not to say I don’t like getting manicures and pedicure. I still like to be groomed and put together. Luckily I live right next to the famous TenOverTen non-toxic nail salon. The co-founder Nadine and I recently sat down so she could explain what makes a mani-pedi non-toxic, and how to get one if you don’t live down the block from a TenOverTen (which I won’t soon since I’m moving to Brooklyn! Ahhh!). Their polishes are 9-free so I even got a little color.

Watch now to hear Nadine’s 5 tips for a non-toxic mani-pedi.

Special thanks to Nadine!

Video by Julie Florio



The Non-Toxic Nail Pack

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