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How To Work With An Astrologer

I’ve been reading and working with Astrology since I was, oh, say 13 years old. It started with the astrology pages in Cosmo magazine when I could sneak a copy into my mom’s shopping cart at Safeway. I truly became obsessed though when I moved to New York. I’m not sure exactly when, but at some point, I learned about awesome astrologers like Susan Miller. Miller’s horoscopes were everyone’s holy grail, north star, answer to all life’s boyfriend, career, and bank account woes when I worked in magazines. We would sit glued to our computers refreshing over and over again awaiting our monthly horoscopes. Since then I’ve started working with personal astrologers who have helped me in so many ways, from understanding myself to understanding my frustrations and ever-changing energy.

I’ve met a few astrologers that I think are truly incredible, so I decided to get their thoughts on how to work with an astrologer because it can be a little intimidating the first time around. First let’s meet these women, and then we’ll dive into the questions and get their take:


Rose Theodora

Rose is an incredible astrologer who is currently living in Barcelona. I met her when she was working in Los Angeles and doing a lot with Color Astrology. That’s one of her specialties. Colors hold a lot of power and can change, set, or enhance someone’s energy when they surround themselves with that color. Think about wearing red to feel super powerful. Rose examines your natal chart to determine the colors that fit most comfortably with you. You can read more about Rose’s Color Astrology practice, and a book a session with her here.

Aurora Tower

Aurora and I are dear friends. We’ve known each other since my ELLE Magazine years. It breaks my heart that she moved to California but she’s always a phone call away when I need advice. For those uninitiated, she’s been Cosmo’s resident astrologer and has an amazing site on which she frequently blogs about romantic astrological connections, celebrity astrology, and the moon events (new moon, blood moon, etc.). Aurora is based in Los Angeles and you can read her thoughtful articles and contact her for a session here.

Alexandra Clark

Alexandra Clark specializes in a form of astrology that’s new for me, and feels kind of groundbreaking. Her company is called Astro/Carto – Astrology Cartography. She uses your natal chart to determine the places in the world in which you thrive. Cool right? She can help you find the places with the best energy for you to travel, discover yourself, or find community. Plus you get this beautiful map to look at 🙂 To learn more and to book a session, visit her site here.


Laney: How do you work with an astrologer?

RT: To find one, use discernment, referral, or maybe you feel connected to a particular person; their information (published, writing etc.) rings true for you. Make sure they are experienced! A person would work with an astrologer to find clarity and a deeper understanding about the cycles of events in their life, why particular patterns keep playing out, and to work with the astrological timing and cycles which is congruent with the natural cycles of Earth which we are all apart of. Also to understand relationship dynamics, to deepen self-love, and for personalized self-care and well being–both emotional and mental.

AT: Be open to digging into your own personality and key periods in your life, through a different lens and with a different language. A good astrologer will never tell you ‘scary’ things about the future- it’s about understanding what themes are strong in your life, and where your energy will be focused in the near and long-term.

AC: The best way to work with an astrologer, especially if astrology is new to you, is a one on one session.

A good astrologer will never tell you ‘scary’ things about the future- it’s about understanding what themes are strong in your life, and where your energy will be focused in the near and long-term. -AT

Laney: What should you expect to get out of a session?

RT: A sense of understanding and peace about what’s happening and why in your life, and a sense of empowerment. i.e. How to navigate, experience, and express yourself more authentically. Also a sense of timing for cycles. i.e. Saturn return, Progressed Sun/Moon changes, etc.

AT: A clear understanding of your sun, moon and rising sign and what they all mean and how they fit together. As well as significant other placements. This language can get technical so beyond sun/moon/rising astrologers may not go into detail, but they would certainly have reviewed it all to get a thorough understanding. You should expect to get a clear idea of whether you are in, have just come out of, or are about to go into a major transit or progression (such as Saturn Return) and what that means. Most astrologers work with the ‘solar return chart’ and will give you an emphasis or keywords for the year ahead.

AC: During a session, you’ll get a breakdown of your personal chart in detail, as well as what is currently happening with the planets. By looking at these specifics, an astrologer can tell you about your personality, motives, and desires, as well as how situations will manifest in your life. You’ll also be given advice on how to navigate different events as they happen. A session is an investment in you, and should be fun! A great session leaves you feeling more self-assured, relaxed, and free to be yourself.

Once you have a basic understanding of your chart, you can start exploring different types of astrology. There are so many different types, for example, synastry, which looks at relationships, transits that predict events, or what I do, locational which looks at how you interact with travel and your environment!

Astrology isn’t fortune telling, it’s deeply therapeutic and transformative. – RT

Laney: What do you need to know beforehand?

RT: Take what resonates, and be prepared to ask sincere and meaningful questions. Take notes (things might ring true a bit later, you’ll need time to reflect). Lastly, make SURE their experienced. Remember that when you are allowing anyone to give you “Life advice” you need to make sure that they are viewing you through an open and non-judgemental lens. Being a professional astrologer, I too often hear other astrologers give misinformation, or judge particular signs and aspects–disempowering people, and even giving textbook advice–which is not what astrology is about at all–it’s big picture, abstract, and is a spiritual art form. It’s important to understand going into a reading that there is always a reason for events, even seemingly negative attributes. I think to ask ‘why?’ is a great tool to use when getting an astrology reading. Ask the reader, ‘Why? Why do you think that aspect serves me? How can make the most out of that?’ Engage with your reader and don’t expect them to predict your future. Astrology isn’t fortune telling, it’s deeply therapeutic and transformative.

AT: If you have specific questions or life issues that are on your mind, or prompting you to get a reading, you should communicate that to the astrologer. Telling them “I’m concerned about a situation with my sister” or “I’m considering leaving my job” will help them when they look at themes and timing and will help you get the benefit of their expertise. They may suggest you wait until a specific time to make a move or help you consider the personality traits of others involved, your sister or bosses sun sign for example.

AC: The most important information to know is your exact birth time, date and location. Most astrologers will request an exact time and date before making your chart. This information can be found on your birth certificate, hospital records, or if you have no idea you could try something called birth time rectification.

Enter the consultation with an open mind, and ask questions! Astrology provides a moment for self-reflection, discovery, and clarity, use the knowledge to your benefit.

Also know that whatever information you take away from the reading, is what you were meant to hear that day. If you’re new to astrology, it can be like learning a language. Don’t stress about writing everything down! Some astrologers will give you notes, or recordings to reflect back on your session.

Enter the consultation with an open mind, and ask questions! – AC

Laney: How often should you check in?

RT: When you feel you need it–plain and simple. I have clients that I work with weekly who are in the process of launching major businesses, have a family, and are doing it all–they need extra support and like to work with the planetary cycles to make the most out of them. Then I have other clients who check in once a year, others whenever they want to explore an event or decision more deeply.

AT: This is variable, but many people like to consult astrologers annually, usually around their birthday when you can take a deeper dive into the solar return chart and year ahead.

AC: You can check in as often as you’d like. Some people like to receive annual solar return (birthday) readings, while others prefer to reach out before big events such as new relationships, travel, relocations, or feelings of stagnation or confusion.

Special thanks to Aurora Tower, Rose Theodora, and Alexandra Clark!

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