Jenna Hershey founder of Take Good Care NYC talks about her new venture, a consulting business focused on clean living and detoxifying the home

Jenna Hershey, Take Good Care

After one conversation with Jenna Hershey, you’ll want to ditch your old beauty bag, revamp your cleaning closet, and open up the windows to let the fresh air and sunshine in to your home. With her new consulting service for clean living, Take Good Care, Hershey is making us want to go the full mile in detoxifying our homes.

When we started the process ourselves a few years ago, it was seriously overwhelming. We wish we had someone like Hershey to guide us through these practices, and take us step by step to make our homes a little bit cleaner each and everyday. There are so many products and object to consider within the home, so why not get a little help from someone who’s lived these practices, and comes stocked with the best recommendations to upgrade your space? Through Take Good Care, Hershey provides this assistance and tailor makes a routine that fits your needs. Heads up, she also specializes in brides-to-be and momma and baby!

Jenna Hershey founder of Take Good Care NYC talks about her new venture, a consulting business focused on clean living and detoxifying the home

The Moment: Hi Jenna! How are you? Where are you?

Hershey: Hi! I’m doing well, thank you! I’m at Haven’s Kitchen, which is kind of my office these days.
The Moment: Can you introduce us and The Moment readers to Take Good Care? What can someone who signs up for one of your services expect?

Hershey: Take Good Care offers one-on-one, personalized consultations for clean living. Through my various services, I guide clients on their path to a healthy and balanced body and home. When someone enlists my help, she/he can expect to work together on “detoxing” her/his personal care products, cleaning products, and the rest of the home to make them healthier and safer, while remaining chic and beautiful. Clients will develop a better understanding of how to live cleaner and make healthier choices as consumers.

The Moment: How did you make the leap from fashion and beauty PR to clean beauty and wellness, and then starting your own consulting service?

Hershey: I worked in PR for seven years and during that time, I became very passionate about taking care of myself through eating and exercise, sort of as an antidote to the often stressful environment at my job. While working for a luxury beauty brand, I noticed that the highly-fragranced products, specifically the skincare products, were making my skin worse rather than better. I began looking into the ingredients and was shocked by what I learned – after that, I did a deep dive into research and ultimately phased out my beauty products for non-toxic ones. Ever since, I’ve been advising friends and family on phasing out their products as well, and realized that I wanted to make this a career. I left my job last December, took some time to think about what this could look like, and officially started building Take Good Care in May.

The Moment: What would you say to someone who believes green products aren’t as effective as the traditional counterparts? 

Hershey: I would say that I used to believe that, too, so I completely understand! But I would urge that person to give clean products a try, because there are so many incredible brands making beautiful, luxurious, and effective products that work even better than their traditional counterparts. It might take a little trial and error to find what works for you, as with any product, but it’s worth it if you value your health and the health of our planet.

The Moment: What are some of your wellness practices surrounding food and what you eat?

Hershey: Like my philosophy around clean beauty and living, my philosophy around food is about balance – whole, real, thoughtfully-sourced foods and everything in moderation. What I crave and want to eat changes all the time, and I’ve definitely gone through more restrictive phases, but I feel happiest and healthiest when I limit processed foods, eat mostly plants and lean protein, and cook for myself. That being said, the balance factor is key – eating out with friends and family, even if that means pasta and wine and dessert, is crucial to my happiness and wellness!

The Moment: What has been the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself, and you’ve seen in others since beginning all of your wellness practices?

Hershey: Physically, the biggest change I’ve seen in myself and others is seriously glowy skin! A lit-from-within glow that I don’t think is possible to achieve with conventional beauty products. More importantly though, I’ve seen others become very excited about using and learning about products that are good for them and good for the planet, and eagerly share their knowledge and tips with others.

The Moment: What does the future or future impact of Take Good Care look like?

Hershey: I hope to be able to work with as many people as possible to empower them to make healthy changes to their homes and beauty routines. Future plans include expanding my service offerings, collaborating with like-minded wellness practitioners and brands, and more!

The Moment: For someone looking to clean up their beauty routine, what should be the first product they swap out?

Hershey: It varies for everyone – whatever it is that you use every single day on the largest surface area of your body. So if you use body oil or lotion all over your body, that is the first thing you should swap out. For someone who doesn’t do that, like most men I know, I would say your deodorant. Most people use it every day (often multiple times) and our underarms are connected to the lymphatic system, where detoxification starts in the body. Additionally, aluminum, the active ingredient in conventional deodorant, has been found in the breast tissue of breast cancer patients – a clear indicator that it can cause harm!

The Moment: What’s your favorite place/places to shop clean beauty? And some of your personal favorite products?

Hershey: In New York (and now LA!), there’s no better place than CAP Beauty – it is a natural beauty mecca and you can shop there with confidence, knowing that every single product they sell is safe. I also love browsing the aisles at Elm Health. Some of my favorite products are the entire Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique skincare line, Phylia de M shampoo and conditioner, Beautycounter Lengthening Mascara, Kosas Lipstick in Rosewater, and Everyday Oil.

The Moment:  How do you stay in the moment?

Hershey: Pilates, acupuncture, meditation (a work in progress!), putting my phone away, and spending time with my husband, girlfriends, and family.

Special thanks to Jenna Hershey!
Photo by Judy Pak
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  • I would be curious to know what she suggests for a tub cleaner. I have Seventh Gen. for most purposes, but the tub…I admit I still use 409 spray, which I’m pretty sure the Geneva Convention would outlaw, but oh does the tub sparkle after.

    • Seventh Generation is always a good standby but we understand what you mean. We’ll do our best to get an answer for you!

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