Jimena Garcia, Eyebrow artist on clean beauty and spirituality on The Moment

Jimena on How to be Spiritual and Groomed

I first spotted Jimena at the CAP Beauty Higher Vibrational Living book launch. Her long black hair hanging over the back of her chair was the first thing I noticed. I whispered to Erin (CAP Beauty’s PR extraordinaire), “Who’s that girl” – her reply “You don’t know Jimena?! She’s the most incredible.” That response embodies Jimena, because yes, she does brows and yes, she’s talented, but it’s her energy, her wisdom and the humor she brings to every interaction that takes it to the next level.

When we met for the first time, I left feeling like I had just been hugged by the most unconditionally supportive parent. I felt loved, supported, and very chicly groomed. This must be why not only all the celebs, and the whole crew at Violet Grey, but also the women at WMN Space and CAP follow her like she’s the pied piper of brows. Her approach to beauty is spiritual and powerful in a way that feels totally unprecedented.

So, without further ado, here is a glimpse into how to be both; Mindful and groomed:

Jimena Garcia, Eyebrow artist on clean beauty and spirituality on The Moment


Jimena: I’m Jimena Garcia. I do eyebrows but I consider myself an eyebrow artist. Not an eyebrow specialist or anything like that because when I look at people, I look at them as though each person should have their individual brow. Nobody’s should be structured in the same way. It really depends on the structure of the person.

Laney: How did you get started?

J: I studied art history and fine art and when I was in school, my mother was a very well put together woman; Super Latin American, high-society, that type. Because of that I was fascinated with her and makeup, so I took a makeup artistry continuing education course at Parsons. When I did that, I was able to express my artistry through makeup, color, shape and form. My teacher was fantastic and I became his assistant and then I got introduced to the world of beauty. I did’t really understand the business of it or the actual industry. It wasn’t even a thought. I enjoyed it so much. When I was doing makeup, I started doing people’s eyebrows and I saw that a lot of people were making them too thin at the time. It wasn’t going with the structure of their face. This was like 20 years ago.

L: Eyebrows were so thin!

J: Eyebrows were really, really thin. Now you can’t go thick enough, but when you let your eyebrow go, there is a point where it’s too messy. There are little things that you can tweak that will absolutely enhance everything. The rules of design, artistry, and architecture overlap. When you look at a table’s design and you put a flower in a certain place, it’s going to make all the difference. It’s the same thing for eyebrows. If you lean out your brow towards the end, it makes all the difference in the world but you might not know that. You might not have that eye. It’s so nice when people come to me and they don’t now what to do. I just see it, it’s just my nature.

It took me a long time to figure out eyebrows.  I never think anything is simple because I’m such a perfectionist by nature, but it took me 4 to 5  years of doing eyebrows all the time for me to understand all different skin types, all different hair types, and types of structure to say,'”Ok, I’ve kind of mastered it to a certain degree.’

It’s such an art form, it’s like taking care of a bonsai tree. It’s constant and it’s a living thing and it’s beautiful. When you go to a hairdresser, your style changes, you change, the hair texture changes, we’re just in constant change. It’s nice to have a relationship with my clients for such a long time too because we can grow together.

Jimena Garcia, Eyebrow artist on clean beauty and spirituality on The Moment

L: Where do you work out of?

J: I have a studio here in Soho that I rent when I come to New York. I’ve been based in New York for my whole life. I was born in Australia but we moved here when I was 6 and I grew up here in Manhattan and then in Westchester in a small town called Bronxville. Then 5 years ago, I was asked to go out to Los Angeles to do people’s brows. When I saw how beautiful the lifestyle was there, I wanted to start planting my seeds there. Now my base is there and I come here every other month. I work in Los Angeles in the WMN Space, which I love. They’re doing such amazing work and it’s so amazing to be a part of that group of women. Then I work in a place called Cabin with Kristen Shaw who is a wonderful hairstylist.

I’m the eyebrow person for Violet Grey in West Hollywood and they’re such an amazing company in what they’re doing and how they’re seeing. It’s very different to CAP. Here in New York I’m the eyebrow person for CAP and I have this little studio space that I rent out when I come. I love being a part of both worlds. I think it’s really good to be open to both understandings of beauty, which is the more chemically driven products, and the total extreme which is CAP. CAP is like family to me, CAP is the future, and all natural. It’s such a great place to educate yourself.

“I think everything’s energy. If you get to a place where your heart it full, you can talk to your brows and make them grow!”

L: I want to ask about your spirituality. I feel like you bring such heart to your conversations. What is your beauty spirituality?

J: The first thing that comes to mind is to be open hearted and to be yourself. I think everything’s energy. If you get to a place where your heart it full, you can talk to your brows and make them grow! People go through cancer, it’s your way of thinking and living that can potentially heal yourself through many different things. In beauty, especially being somebody who does a beauty procedure on people, it’s important to have this conscious respect at all times. It’s allowing that person to be vulnerable. I never bring judgement and I think that’s a discipline that we should be living all the time. It’s a constant meditation of never bringing judgement. It’s really hard but I think it’s really important. We change sometimes because of things that happen to us but I think it’s really beautiful to try different experiments and habits before things happen to us. When you age you become more compassionate because you have an understanding, you’ve been there before. But I think it’s really important to ask yourself even when you’re young, ‘How do you love yourself and why does it matter? Why does beauty matter?’ Everything’s energy. What we conceptualize is an ‘ugly woman’, whatever that means. If she has a very powerful mind and energy, she can shift anything. You’re not looking at those imperfections. When I think of beauty, it’s when I see a woman, it’s freedom. Joy is what one should be really envious of. If you can ask yourself certain questions and try things, I think you can get to a really elevated place, especially in the world of today. Especially young girls. I see this extreme vanity that’s out there and it’s so dangerous because in the end it’s so empty and there’s no power in that at all.

I think that’s one of the reasons I love to do brows. It’s personalized- What do you look best in. It’s not a trend. Sometimes trends make people feel really bad and it’s not necessary.

Jimena Garcia, Eyebrow artist on clean beauty and spirituality on The Moment

“I see this extreme vanity that’s out there and it’s so dangerous because in the end it’s so empty and there’s no power in that at all.”

L: I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of joy and I personally believe that that’s what all women should do in life, find joy. If that’s our job, then how do we do our job?

J: That’s really cool to focus on that because you’re right, if we’re always thinking about our success and our happiness and we wake up in the morning and think, ‘How can I be joyful?’ That’s major.

L: That’s my meditation everyday. Somedays are better and sometimes I really struggle with it. The other day I finished a bunch of work, I didn’t have any help with me, and I just wanted to spend the day with my baby. Halfway through the day I was washing dishes and I thought, ‘I’m just being and it’s so nice.’ I wasn’t trying to be more successful or get more IG followers or be in better shape or get more clients. I was just being and that was joy.

J: My insecurities are with weight and skin discoloration. When I think about it, on a cellular level, on a vibrational level, when you’re in joy, I wonder how your cells vibrate. How much weight are you loosing in that? Or rather, how much weight are you not loosing when you’re tense. That’s such a good meditation.

L: I really started focusing on it when I was pregnant and I was struggling with trash. Every time I saw litter I became really angry about our world and people. I felt like the world was ending and people were disrespecting our Earth and I was getting angry. I was talking to an energy healer and he told me it wasn’t my job to save the world. My job was to feel joy and I wasn’t doing that. Last question, how do you stay in the moment?

J: It is in THE MOMENT that we have our greatest capacity.

Special thanks to Jimena Garcia!

Photo by Sally Griffiths



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