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At The Moment, we’re constantly searching for products and companies that go above and beyond, so when we discovered Jiva-Apoha we couldn’t wait to learn more. After years of rubbing body oils all over ourselves in hopes of hydration, improved skin texture, less cellulite, less stress, or whatever the bottles promised, we were left feeling that there was something missing. Were we asking too much of a body oil? Some would say ‘yes’ but Angela Shore, creator of Jiva-Apoha, presents a strong case in support of our feelings with her magical “Soul-Healing” oils.

Jiva Apoha Angela Shore Soul Healing Oils The Moment, Jiva-Apoha

Angela led many lives, beginning her career in hospitality and then photography management, before embarking on a 15-year-long quest into the world of energy and healing work. During this time, Angela learned from Shamans and Healers from around the world. The result: Jiva-Apoha, which is Sanskrit for Soul-Healing. “Our feather is the bridge between Indian Culture and Native American Culture. A collective love of Indigenous healing practices based upon philosophical, physiological & psychological beliefs and understandings within true nature of balance. Ayurveda meets Medicine (Wo)man.” This unique take on “East-Meets-West” highlights the beautiful alignment between ancient healing traditions in Native American and Indian cultures.

All of this experience- all of the years of learning, healing, listening, and meditating- is distilled into the bottles of oil. As Angela states, “We believe that Soul-Healing can begin with the warmth of skin. We create our oils to be a catalyst for something positive for each person who uses them. Each one of our body and face oils have one-of-a-kind personalities, and they each represent a different route on our living road map at Jiva-Apoha. We imagine, compose, blend and heal.”

Jiva Apoha Angela Shore Soul Healing Oils The Moment, Jiva-Apoha
To call the magic that pours out of a Jiva-Apoha bottle an “oil” feels inadequate. While the oils themselves are composed of sustainably-sourced, therapeutic-grade, pure, plant-based ingredients, (full of all of the skin-care benefits one can desire) it is the unique blending of the oils (both base and essential) combined with the love and knowledge that goes into the composition, that makes Jiva-Apoha so special.

We love the names of the blends, like “HAPPY” – with properties of orange, geranium and cardamom that promote instantaneous bliss. Our favorite might just be “FREEDOM” though- created by Angela as an ode to the Summer of Love, 1969. FREEDOM’s luxurious notes of Sandalwood and Indian Champa have natural antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects, and smell incredible.  And as an added bonus Angela blesses her oils before sending them out. Again, so much more than just an “oil!”

After introducing Jiva-Apoha oils into our daily routine we feel more balanced and the practice has taken on new meaning. “Moisturizing” has become a type of moving meditation- a far-cry from the frantic slathering technique we were working with before. Just another reminder that anything can be turned into an opportunity to stay in The Moment. Interested in a bottle or two for yourself or a loved one? Head over to their shop.

Jiva Apoha Angela Shore Soul Healing Oils The Moment, Jiva-Apoha

 Do you use any products that bring you back to the present moment? Tell us in the comments!

Photography: Marianna Jamadi



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