Journaling doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It conjures memories of 6th grade angst riddled with unruly emotions, and just doesn’t sound serious, not like meditation, or Kundalini does. Even so, if you’ve ever read The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity (a cult classic by Julia Cameron), it expels the virtues of writing your morning pages in a way that’s hard to dispute. It explains how 30 minutes of free flow writing accesses your right brain and prepares you for a day of creative thinking unlike anything else.


The bedrock tool of a creative recovery is a daily practice called Morning Pages.


Moreover, we’ve noticed other benefits from writing our morning pages. First of all, it can act like a form of therapy, tapping into our emotions and thoughts that often times, we didn’t even know were swirling underneath. For example, we’ve worked through relationship problems and uncovered hidden anxieties in as quick as 15 minutes!

However, not only does journaling help with creativity, it also helps with internal beauty. Pretty major in our book. For this reason, we want everyone to start journaling, which is why we broke down our essential journaling steps in this weeks video.

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The Best Way to Journal

Step by Step Guide to Journaling
Step 1
First, make a cup of your favorite tea and get comfy, we’ll be here for a full 30 minutes. Don’t forget to put all of your electronics away as an alert on your phone can be a total mood breaker. .
Step 2
Secondly, get your creative juices flowing by starting simple. Line the top of the page with the date and set your scene. Include how you’re feeling in the moment, what the weather is like, and where you are.  The more you write, the more will come to you.
Step 3
Next, get a little deeper by planning out your day, or reflecting on what was written the day before. How have your thoughts and feelings transformed over night? Address all of your thoughts, worries, and hopes for the day ahead. Get those worries out of your brain and onto a page. Set goals for yourself, and work hard to stick to them so you can write about your success and learnings in the next day’s journal passage.
Step 4
Finally, challenge yourself to end with a poem. Even if poetry was never your “thing”, it’s a great way to express yourself in a new way and gives you the chance to more accurately describe your feelings and state of mind.

Photo and Video by Julie Florio



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