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The best part of the Linne Botanicals line, besides the fact that it’s super healthy for your skin, is the fact that when you use them, you’re instantly transported to a spa. Your average shower is all of a sudden magical, and you can’t help but enjoy your beauty routine a bit more than usual. And what’s better than having all the perks of feeling like you’re in the spa than being in your own home?! So here we go…on our everyday spa moment. First thing’s first – a shower.

We recommend starting with the ACTIVATE body wash. It smells heavenly (thank you to the eucalyptus essential oil) and it’s micro natural exfoliants (thank you Dead Sea Salt and Volcanic Ash…to name a few) help create a smooth finish on the skin. The coconut-derived lathering agent turns the almost-watery wash into a nice lather to complete the body wash experience. We’re off to a very luxurious start.

And because it’s winter in NYC…they tell us it’s 20 degrees, but it feels like 8 with the wind chill, so we lather on the SMOOTH body balm in the shower, just to add to the hydration. Nothing less chic than dry hands! It is so moisturizing. The Beeswax helps create a moisturizing barrier, protecting it from moisture loss. It’s so lovely and luxurious. This may be your hands’ saving grace this winter. Thanks to the Bergamot, Palmarosa and Cypress essential oils, the smell is uplifting, floral with a touch of citrus. Hello summer hands, goodbye dry winter hands.

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Next up, the face. It’s all about the face, baby. And so for the face, Jenna recommended the PURIFY face wash. The smell is just divine. Tea Tree, Lime and Cypress Essential Oils all create a citrus and green wood aroma. The French Green Clay helps to bring impurities out of the skin, and the Olive Leaf Powder helps to heal any redness, swelling and dehydration (too many cups of those delicious tocos elixirs these days? Yea, us too).

Next up, RENEW face serum to improve hydration, increase elasticity, strengthen capillaries and help reduce inflammation and the appearance of wrinkles. All we want need is a product to help our skin feel moisturized and glowing all day long. The RENEW Face Serum does just that as it’s packed with ingredients such as Hibiscus Extract, Honeysuckle Hydrosol, Rose Hip Extract and Kakada Plum ,to name a few that really create that glow that we dream of. And we can’t forget about the lovely fragrance, it’s a mixture of citrus, tart berries and hay that is both uplifting and calming. This may be our favorite aspect of getting ready for the parties… applying this serum!

Lastly, we recommend completing the beauty routine and spa experience with the BALANCE face oil. Packed with essential oils to moisturize, manage oil production and reduce inflammation, this is really just the icing on the cake. The scent of lavender herbs calms the mind, relieves tension and anxiety. With products like this, along with meditation (of course), we are ready to take on the cold weather, dry skin, and well, just about anything that comes our way.

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Many thanks to Jenna Levine!

Photography: Sally Griffiths



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