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Malibu Made Beauty

Actress, doula, and now business owner: Carson Meyer is steadfast in making her mark. Carson and I were introduced through my long-time friend Aurora (if you’re in need of an Astrologist she’s amazing BTW). When we caught up over the phone I was so impressed by Carson’s chill vibes. She’s from Malibu, no wonder. Like so chill that I felt transported to LA even though in reality I was slouched over my desk in sweltering New York. I couldn’t help but be a bit jealous of her West Coast vibe. Carson told me about how her new brand, C and the Moon, got its start through the demand of her siblings, one of which is famed jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer. They couldn’t get enough of her products and repeatedly asked her to bring her delicious Malibu Made Body Scrub home to share. The stuff is that good! It’s made from totally natural ingredients, which is important to Carson because as a doula and daughter of an environmentalist, she wants her clients and her friends to use the cleanest products possible. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation, plus a round up of all of our other favorite products to transport you to beautiful Malibu.

P.S. If you want more of Carson, check out her #MomentofBeauty takeover on our Instagram


Laney: Carson, tell us about your new scrub? It’s developed quite the wait list. 

Carson: Malibu Made Body Scrub began in my home kitchen in Malibu. My mom is an environmentalist, so growing up I was always warned of the toxic chemicals being released into the air and absorbed into our skin by everyday beauty products. Once I really started to look at my own health and learn about the adverse effects these products can have on our eco system, I decided to make a product that I knew I could trust. Making my own skincare allowed me to recognize exactly what I was consuming through my skin. The Malibu Made Body Scrub consists of brown sugar, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil and food grade vanilla flavors.

Laney: How did you develop it?

Carson: The scrub began with a large mixing bowl, ingredients from my kitchen pantry and pure botanical oils from my medicine cabinet. I have very delicate skin and most of the scrubs on the market are too abrasive for me. The C & The Moon Malibu Made Body Scrub is ultra moisturizing. It truly acts as a gentle exfoliator and skin conditioner at the same time. Originally, it was something I made for myself to enjoy and I would occasional gift it to family and friends. Once people started coming back for more (especially men), I turned to a dear friend of mine in the cosmetic industry for advice. She has mentored me through the journey of starting a business and has helped me navigate the process of producing on a larger scale.

Laney: Tell us about how your family played a role in your success.

Carson: Well, I have to say, my little brother Eli is the one who encouraged me to start selling the scrub. He has a very entrepreneurial spirit and is a lot more savvy than I am when it comes to business. He really is the reason I mustered up the courage to begin this journey. My sisters, Jennifer and Sarah have both started their own businesses (Jennifer Meyer Jewelry + Roe Caviar). They have been such a valuable source of knowledge and support. I feel super lucky to be surrounded by an incredible and encouraging family. I am so grateful, on many levels, that my mom was ahead of her time. She taught me about the importance of reading labels and understanding what is going on your skin at such a young age.

c and the moon, Carson Meyer, The Moment, Clean Beauty, Non-toxic Beauty, Malibu Made Body Scrub

Laney:  You’re also a doula, how does being a doula affect what you choose to put on your skin?

Carson: As a doula, I work closely with pregnant women and newborn babies who are the most vulnerable to environmental toxins. A lot of people don’t realize that children are being exposed to an array of toxic chemicals through their mothers (and fathers) body care products, from deodorant to cologne. BPAs, phthalates and pesticides are being detected in chord blood and breast milk. It is important to remember that these chemicals bioaccumulate throughout a lifetime. Despite our cultural focus, pregnancy should not be the only time we start to pay attention to hazardous exposures. Our reproductive health starts well before pregnancy (for men and women) and we should all be treating our bodies as such. We are all a part of the same eco-system.

Laney: What does the rest of your skincare routine look like? What are you favorite products?

Carson: I am SO obsessed the Living Libations. They make everything you could ever need and all of it is as pure as pure can be. I use their Maverick Face Cream in the morning. When it comes to makeup I usually find that less is more. Lily Lolo Mascara and RMS Un-Coverup Concealer are my go to. For nighttime I am newly into the Alitura Golden Night Cream.  Every once in a while I will put Manuka Honey on my face or use it as a spot treatment. Every other day I exfoliate with C & The Moon Malibu Made Body Scrub. On the days I don’t scrub, I moisturize with a homemade blend of organic oils that will be available online in the fall!

Laney: What is your beauty philosophy?

Carson: Don’t spend too much time focusing on what you look like. Beauty is a feeling. Beauty is a state of mind. Beauty is health and love and kindness. I want C & The Moon to be a skincare line that doesn’t sell beauty, but instead inspires a connection with one’s body and the value of caring for it.

Laney: And in that vein, what’s your advice on life? How do you find your balance?

Carson: I don’t always feel balanced, but I love what I do!

I guess my advice would be to treat yourself with the same patience, unconditional love and protectiveness you would treat your child.

Laney: If you have one piece of advice for someone finding his or her passion what would it be?

Carson: Don’t let your negative thoughts or fears get in the way. Sometimes you just have to tune them out and dive straight into the deep-end however terrifying that may feel. Also, it’s important to surround yourself with supportive friends and embrace collaboration!


Malibu Beauty

c and the moon, Carson Meyer, The Moment, Clean Beauty, Non-toxic Beauty, Malibu Made Body Scrub

One Love Organics' Oh Mega Calming Oil

Let’s say you just drove down to Malibu, step one is to realign yourself with the vibe. A calming face oil will do just the thing.

The Organic Pharmacy's Self Tan

When in Malibu, a tan is a must. But we aren’t so fond of going sunscreen free. So instead we opt for a natural self tanner like this one. You still get the healthy glow but it’s SO much better for you.

c and the moon, Carson Meyer, The Moment, Clean Beauty, Non-toxic Beauty, Malibu Made Body Scrub

Malibu Made Body Scrub

Creamy, dreamy all natural body scrub that smells like cookie dough. It’s made with food-grade vanilla extract so you know exactly why it smells so good (no weird fragrance additives here!) The perfect gift for a friend you love, or for yourself for that matter.

c and the moon, Carson Meyer, The Moment, Clean Beauty, Non-toxic Beauty, Malibu Made Body Scrub

Pursoma's Digital Detox Bath Soak

For that full body city detox, we reach for Pursoma’s Bath Soak. Mineral-rich sea salt makes you sweat a little, while french clay pulls all your toxins out to rebalance your body.

Malibu Bath Rocks

If you find yourself in Malibu, and end up riding horseback on the beach at sunset (hey, it might happen!) or you’re just tired from a day of surf and sand, these restorative bath rocks have got your back. And leg muscles and arm muscles too 🙂

c and the moon, Carson Meyer, The Moment, Clean Beauty, Non-toxic Beauty, Malibu Made Body Scrub

Shiva Rose Glow Face Balm

Everything Shiva Rose makes carries a really peaceful and positive energy. They’re made with love in Shiva’s dreamy California home. This balm is good for a touch of radiance on your face, nails, or body.

Herbivore Sea Mist

Herbivore makes a really nice sea salt spray. It also has ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil so your hair stay soft.

Special thanks to Carson!

Photo courtesy of C and The Moon



Malibu Beauty

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