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The Most Buzzed About Serums

A few months ago when we were experiencing one of those wonderfully random bouts of acne, we decided to get down to facts and focus on a solution that wouldn’t be so extreme. All too often a breakout seems to spark a vicious cycle of self-loathing- and we begin to cut ourselves down as though a pimple is a sign of absolute failure (I’m having too much dairy! I shouldn’t have caffeine! I need to do a detox asap!). So, when we received the three magic serums created for Marie Veronique in partnership with skin-whisperer Kristina Holey we were especially intrigued. Marie Veronique is a brilliant chemist committed to working with safe and effective ingredients, while Kristina Holey reigns as a top skin-care specialists boasting “a scientific background in chemistry and cosmetic formulation, California roots, and French training.” (AKA our dream skin-care team.)

These Marie Vernoqie X Kristina Holey serums were a bit more complicated than your average argan oil and we had SO many questions- so we decided to enlist the help of our good friend, and amazing esthetician, Courtney Wells (her 90 min expert facial will seriously change your life…). As one of the few estheticians working with the Marie Veronique line on the professional level in NYC, we knew she would be able to break it down for us. So here you go- the only 3 serums you will ever need to address all of your skin care concerns and here’s why (and how) to use them:




“The serums are amazing because they address a range of skincare conditions and can be used by everyone, especially people suffering from inflammatory conditions like acne, dermatitis, and excessive dryness.

They can be used on the most oily of skin because of the gel-like, light constancy and the product’s ability to balance oil. They are also perfect under a richer cream for dry skin because the ingredients in these serums prompt your own body to produce ceramides and NMF (à la hyaluronic acid), which keep your skin hydrated.” – Courtney Wells, Esthetician 

Marie Veronique X Kristina Holey, Marie Veronique and Kristina Holey Intensive Repair Serum on The Moment, Clean Beauty, Marie Vernoqie X Kristina Holey

Intensive Repair Serum

This serum normalizes sebaceous activity and clears pores using Vitamin B5, lactic, salicylic, and acetic acid. If you have drier skin, use this as an exfoliating serum 2-3 times a week, or even as a 20 minute exfoliating mask. The oilier you are, the more often you should use it. If you have combination skin,  just use on the t-zone, or where you are producing excess oil and suffering from blackheads or pimples.” – Courtney Wells, Esthetician 

Marie Veronique X Kristina Holey, Marive Veronique and Kristina Holey Soothing B3 Serum on The Moment, clean beauty, Marie Vernoqie X Kristina Holey

Soothing B3 Serum

“B3= Niacinamide. This is one of the best ingredients to calm inflammation in the skin and also to heal post-inflammatory acne scars. This serum also contains licorice root, which I have used in my treatments and have witnessed the immediate soothing and restorative effects. It is also great for lightening age spots and acne scarring.” – Courtney Wells, Esthetician 

Marie Veronique X Kristina Holey, Marie Veronique and Kristina Holey Barrier Restore Serum on The Moment, Clean Beauty, Marie Vernoqie X Kristina Holey

Barrier Restore Serum

“The key to healthy skin lies in the water balance of the stratum corneum (outer layer of skin) and the protection of the skin’s microbiome. This serum’s ingredients provide support for both, so it’s good for EVERYONE. It replaces NMF (natural moisturizing factors) while also stimulating your body to produce its own. This serum will fortify sensitive skin and restore skin that has been damaged by the use of chemical heavy products or environmental stressors. The humectants, sodium PCA, and sodium hyaluronate, helps grab moisture in the air and draw it into your skin. Phosphatidyl Serine helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines by inhibiting the enzymatic avidity that breaks down collagen.” – Courtney Wells, Esthetician 



“The Soothing B3 and the Barrier Repair should be used day and night, while the Intensive Repair should be used once a day at most.


These serums are meant to deeply penetrate, so the order doesn’t matter. You can mix all three and apply, or layer.


Like all serums, they should be used after your cleanser or exfoliating/hydrating toner/lotion, and before any heavier serums or creams.” – Courtney Wells, Esthetician 


Skincare Dictionary


Lipid molecules that plump the skin, hold moisture, and act as a barrier against environmental pollutants.

The skin’s tool for self moisturizing. Stands for Natural Moisturizing Factors. Amino Acids on the top layer of skin bind to water molecules to keep skin hydrated.

Skin glands that secrete oil and wax.

An essential nutrient that aids in regulating oil flow, reduces inflammation, minimizes lines and wrinkles, and improves radiance.

The outermost layer of the epidermis, composed of 5 layers that act as a barrier.


Special thanks to Courtney Wells

Photos via Marie Veronique




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