May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon is this week's clean beauty Moment Must

May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon

It’s actually kinda crazy that we haven’t talked about May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon before. This beauty balm concentrate was one of the reasons we first fell in love with natural beauty. It’s an OG, cult product if there ever was one. Case in point: last week when we filmed an upcoming video with Tara Foley from the clean beauty boutique Follain (coming soon!), she wiped out a much-loved The Blue Cocoon jar out of her bag and gushed about how she can’t live without it. Tara has access to every product out there (quite literally), and she really knows her stuff. In other words, it’s not just us who live and die by this product.

The Blue Cocoon is an aqua silky balm that comes in a black glass container. Created by May Lindstrom, former model turned makeup artist, turned skincare creator, so you know it’s top quality (hence the $180 price tag). May doesn’t take any short cuts when it comes to her products. Developed with the intention of calming your skin and encouraging self-love, they are organic, bio-dynamic, cruelty free, wheat and gluten free, and sustainable. The list of things she doesn’t put in her products is paragraphs long.

This product is this week’s Moment Must for us for all the reasons listed above, and because our skin loves it. It’s moisturizing, calming, redness-reducing, and eases your mind. To use, you take a pea-size amount and rub it between your fingers and hands until it melts. It’s now an oil/serum consistency and you massage it into your cheeks, under your eyes, and all over your neck and chest. You can’t help but breath in the scent as you’re preforming this little ritual, it smells like chocolate! And what could be better than that?

Made with Camellia Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Cacao Seed Butter, Lavender and Myrrah, you can’t go wrong with this Moment Must. Purchase a little for yourself here!

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