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Rewiring Tension Patterns with Sadie Adams

It’s not everyday that you go into a facial and come out with baby smooth skin and a new lease on life. I took a trip to Take Care, the Perry St boutique wellness collective to meet their founding member, Sadie Adams and get the best microcurrent facial of my life. Sadie will tell you all about microcurrents below, but incase you’ve never had one, microcurrent facials stimulate your facial muscles with very gently electric currents (it sounds scarier than it feels- it actually feels like a really relaxing ultrasound for your face).

Sadie has partnered with SONAGE Skincare, a small batch non-toxic skincare line committed to delivering eco-friendly and highly effective products, to heal and rebalance her client’s skin. What I didn’t expect was to be healed and rebalanced from the inside during the session too. Even from her interview below, you’ll be able to tell immediately that Sadie is highly intelligent, an extremely gifted healer, and a very special soul. She uses her practice as a place to reconnect her clients with their consciousness for a better beauty result, and with a line-up of regular celebrity faces like Alessandra Ambrosio and Mark Ruffaloyou know she’s the real deal. Below she gives tangible tips on creating a supported consciousness, to rewire your tension patterns and start looking and feeling brighter than ever.


Take Care NY Wellness Collective Mind Body Sadie Adams, The Moment, Clean Beauty, Sonage Skincare, Non-toxic Beauty, Wellness Community, Santa Monica

Kendall: Hi Sadie! So nice to connect with you again. I want to ask you about consciousness and beauty, but before we do, lets talk about your background and why you started Take Care.

Sadie: Likewise, thank you. My background is in the healing arts, ayurvedic medicine, movement, anatomy and meditation.

I started Take Care in service to those exploring natural beauty, calm presence and authentic self-expression, as well as to inform the conversation around self-care, accountability and unique expressions of character and wisdom.

My intention is to bring to light non-injurious beauty treatments and kind ways to work with and perceiving the process of aging.

Kendall: Beautiful and so in-line with the space we aim to create here on The Moment. One of the first questions you asked me as I walked through the door was, ‘how old is your body?’ It struck me because it’s not a question you hear every day (especially in NYC).

Sadie: I ask out of curiosity and learning. Each body is so unique. I generally look for common fields and patterns of information. An organism’s age offers a container for this (gathering of data in the) process of understanding how to most optimally meet the situation. I also feel that a physical embodiment is one aspect of a self that may span time beyond the years of the incarnate body.

“If you want to see the wind, look at the sand.” If one is trained to see contrast, even the subtle becomes obvious.

Kendall: It was a very spiritual way of asking. On that topic, what connections or disconnections do you see between a person’s outward body and their inward processes?

Sadie: There are both connections and disconnections in the internal and external landscapes. The connections are inherent in the disconnections. If there weren’t a whole body process, there wouldn’t be a way to diagnose the imbalances through facial diagnosis. My teacher, Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, is quoted as saying “if you want to see the wind, look at the sand.” If one is trained to see contrast, even the subtle becomes obvious.

The disconnections represent the schism between the conscious and the subconscious, between the integrated, coherent aspects of ones being, and the unprocessed thoughts, feelings, emotions and karma.

Kendall: Awesome quote that really illustrates your point. What’s your beauty philosophy?

Sadie: I feel that beauty is freedom, self-expression

And balance of within and without. Our ability to be relational, contained, clear and coherent is reflected in the skin and the nervous system. The skin is a main interface between our internal processes and that of the world beyond self. It relates to the membranes of the cells in the body, which through their receptor sights, influence the fluids and our perception of reality.  I feel it is beautiful to respectfully recognize the connection in all that is.

And that it’s wonderful that people are feeling more and more supported and free to explore self-care, community and self-realization.

It is by way of our uniqueness, self-love and free-will that we will lift each other up, higher and higher!

Our ability to be relational, contained, clear and coherent is reflected in the skin and the nervous system.

Kendall: Can you tell us more about your Microcurrent facials? Why do you focus on this technique specifically?

Sadie: I am interested in microcurrent, stem cell technology, oxygen, ozone and light therapy. Techniques that don’t need to injure tissue (or the environment) to provoke a healing response. Rather, those that encourage the body to heal itself from a place of support.

The microcurrent facials are very relaxing; the delicate current is a simulation of the vibration of the human body. It galvanizes proprioception, helping the cells become aware of themselves and increasing the communication between the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. It measurably supports natural collagen and elastin production and increases ATP by approximately 500 percent during the course of a treatment, flooding tissue with subcellular support and creating an environment that helps to clear stagnation and balance the fluids and membranes. This increases the cell membrane permeability and the health of the skin and tissue. Having a reserve of ATP encourages collagen and elastin formation which can soften and intergrade scar tissue and mitigate inflammation discoloration, pigmentation and fine lines. Having such a reserve triggers lymphatic drainage and over time dramatically clarifies fluids and increases blood circulation.

Microcurrent supports the tissues ability to process information, including nutrients, increasing the efficacy of topical products. There is also a specific application of microcrrent that is used to drive products into deeper layers of skin.

Microcurent works with, and stimulates the sub-circulatory channels, which run throughout the entire body, which can balance and amplify the intelligence of vital junctures, where two or more tissues interface, as keys to subtle sub-circulatory systems.

Working with these systems offers immediate access the body as a whole. There are points on the surface of the body that can be used to detoxify tissue and for diagnostic purposes, giving the practitioner insights about the client’s constitution and imbalance. Microcurrent can enhance the adaptogenic qualities of these points, stimulating the body’s biochemistry to produce exactly what one needs to strengthen (or pacify) and to heal – aligning body, mind and consciousness.

As an energy worker, I find that augmenting a treatment with microcurrent enhances coherency in the various layers of tissues as well as the peripheral and central nervous system. I feel that there is a lot possible, in terms of supporting the processing of stagnant energy and perceived trauma, depending on the intention and participation of the client.

Kendall: Confession time: it was my first micro current facial and you were able to map out my tension patterns right away. And the after result was so tangible. How has working with SONAGE elevated your practice?

Sadie: They offer ongoing education and collaboration. I learn about the industry and the Environmental Working Group (ewg) though Sonage.

They have given me access to creative and effective formulas that inspire our treatments and protocols, and give our clients access to high quality, affordable products. Small batch environmentally savvy skin care lines such as SONAGE Skincare are the way of the times!

Kendall: During our facial we started to get into the connection between tension patterns and outward beauty. Can you expand on that?

Sadie: Good circulation and coherence in the various layers of tissue are reflected in healthy, glowing skin

Excessive contractions in muscles can lead to tightness in other tissues, sometimes restricting the flow of lymph. A healthy lymph system supports a fluid membrane balance throughout the whole body. Any dis-ease can be traced back to a fluid membrane imbalance. Skin conditions such as acne, rash, cellulites and in extreme cases, lymphedema can result from poor lymphatic drainage, often influenced by tension.

Kendall: While preforming the facial, you also asked me to set an intention for the session. Why is this important for a client to do and how does one do it if they’ve never done it before?

Sadie: The client can decide if it is important for them, that said, it seems very important for me to hear the clients intention for calling the meeting, in order to understand what to do, if anything, beyond being present with the client in their process of being and becoming.

If an intention set is for relaxation only, it would imply a specific application of my skill set.

Many times the medicinal aspects of the work are profound and have the potential to affect many aspects of the persons life. It is significant for the client to recognize this, and when its happening. An intention can make one better prepared to integrate and ground the experience of change and realization. This process supports being or becoming accountable for ones role in the healing process.

Receiving care is an action. Awareness is an action.

An intention can make one better prepared to integrate and ground the experience of change and realization.

Take Care NY Wellness Collective Mind Body Sadie Adams, The Moment, Clean Beauty, Sonage Skincare, Non-toxic Beauty, Wellness Community, Santa Monica

Kendall: All of your teachings seem to center around this idea of creating a supported consciousness. Why is consciousness important for you and for your clients? How do you implement this consciousness in everyday life? And for someone just getting attuned to what this all means, how can our readers start exploring theirs?

Sadie: My interest in consciousness arouse from my studies of yoga and ayurvedic medicine and the philosophies of creation and manifestation that those sciences accept. From consciousness comes the awareness of freedom, free will and creative potential.

I implement this by recognizing free will (not choosing is also a choice), accountability, connection and creation.

Beginners can work with non-judgment and forgiveness as a path to awareness.

One way to do this is to take stock of how many small (and not so small) judgments, preferences and moments of needing to know what is right, happen on the moment to moment and mostly in the subconscious. Even people who don’t consider themselves judgmental may have a lot of preferences underneath their conscious awareness. If we judge ourselves for judging, the energy of judgment will not be obvious or conscious.

Kendall: How do you stay in the moment?

Sadie: This is a question about presence.

Perspective. Seeing things though the lens of personality and preference creates a very different experience than working within a context of letting go into the development and the great mystery. Having fun and enjoying life can emerge from clarifying intention, releasing control and evolving beyond personality preference. I find that the more I identify with my preferences and personality, the more anxious I become.  Practically speaking, I stay in the moment by choosing to stay present in my body, specifically the middle body and/or the cellular fluid.

Special thanks to Sadie Adams!

Photo courtesy of Take Care



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