A mini moments round up of our favorite natural and clean beauty products

Mini Moments

About once a week, we ignore work emails and conference calls for an hour or so to unbox all of the terrific products that are sent to our Soho office (we post everything on our Instastories!). We’d love to create a full Moment Musts article on each and every one! Maybe if we grew a few more hands? Or our days became 36 hours long instead of 24? We aren’t betting on either of those scenarios to actually play out, so instead we’re creating a new series, our Mini Moments. It’s a chance to shine a little light on the beauty products that have become new staple items in our routine.

Sakara Life Beauty Chocolates from The Moment's Mini Moments

Sakara Life

Beauty Chocolates

“When we visited the Sakara Life offices to shoot Laney for S Life Mag, the Sakara team had just launched their Beauty Chocolates. Tiny pyramidal superfood chocolates are definitely our idea of a beauty food, so we had to try. Um.. yum! I mean, how could this product be anything but amazing. I’m a huge chocoholic, but because they use coconut sugar instead of regular sugar, these don’t give you the insane mood-swing enduring blood sugar spikes like a bar of chocolate from the drug store. They’re also overflowing with plant-based, phytoceramides, AKA lipids in the cell barrier that help retain moisture. Popping a few chocolates every night to get that morning glow can be just a bit more satisfying than dousing yourself in oils. Although… we love doing that too. Best when enjoyed after a curry dinner, or before heading to bed.” – Kendall

Balmyard Beauty Romantic Call Body Oil in The Moment Mini Moments

Balmyard Beauty

Romantic Call Body Oil

“For the past few months, I’ve been enjoying the “omg you smell amazing, what is that?!” reaction I get from the Balmyard Beauty Romantic Call body oil and answering only with a smile (something women often do when they discover their self-proclaimed “signature scent).” But the secret is out and if I’m being honest, I would love nothing more than to walk into a room full of people smelling like this amazing oil (which is basically what a team meeting at The Moment has become). The combination of a decadent moisturizing experience AND a scent that strikes the  perfect balance between floral and exotic is pure bliss. I like to put a few drops on my pulse points and mix in with jojoba oil (or coconut for an extra dose of beach vibes) and slather all over to extend the wear. Balmyard sources their all natural ingredients directly from the Caribbean so in addition to smelling and feeling amazing, this clean and eco-conscious brand checks off all of our requisite boxes.” – Alex

Skylar Body Perfume in Meadow on The Moment Mini Moments

Skylar Body

Meadow Perfume

“If you ever invite me to the mall to go shopping, you’d probably notice I start sneezing like a maniac as soon as we hit Nordstrom’s perfume alley. As much as I’ve forced it in the past, traditional perfumes and I, just don’t mix. Skylar perfumes on the other hand are incredibly well-thought out and I can spray away without a single sneeze! These perfumes are actually hypoallergenic and use natural, gentle, and clean ingredients. All four scents smell incredible, and the watercolor packaging is done so well. My day to day scent is Meadow because the notes of orange blossom and jasmine make me feel feminine and fresh. There’s even an online quiz to help you find your perfect scent, although, you really can’t go wrong with any of them!” – Kendall

The Genmaicha japanese green tea from Cap Beauty featured in The Moment Mini Moments beauty product roundup

Cap Beauty


“I start my mornings with classic green tea, and a splash of almond milk, almost religiously. So, when Cap Beauty’s Genmaicha arrived I wasn’t sure what to expect. “But, is it going to be too different?!?!” Turns out, it’s just unique enough, without being too exotic, to mix things up. It’s the toasted organic rice in it that transforms classic Japanese Green Tea into an earthy, satisfying treat. Kinda like toast with almond butter, but in a drink, if that makes sense. Plus, it’s full of health benefits; It’s loaded with antioxidants, tames inflammation, and supports the immune system. It has the right amount of caffeine to help me wake up, without the crash. Oh, and I definitely don’t mind the extra metabolism boost either.” – Laney

Scandic Botanica Lip Treatment on The Moment Mini Moments

Scandic Botanica

Scandic Lip Treatment

“This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about this lip balm, (as we featured it in our Coconut Beauty Routine video) and it definitely won’t be the last time you hear about this brand. Scandic Botanica is just one of those companies that gets it: They’re all about natural skincare, and pay homage to their northern roots by taking pride in their organic, sustainable Scandinavian ingredients and Nordic traditions. Beyond that, it’s very simple… if it works, it’s a winner. As someone with chronically dry lips in the winter, I love having this Lip Treatment on hand. Even better is applying a thick layer before bed to wake up to soft supple lips! More must have products from this brand are the Rosehip Highlighter and Sea & Birch Face Mask.” – Kendall


Photo by Sally Griffiths



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