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Moment Minutes

Hi! It’s Monday. Traditionally not our favorite day, but this week is about staying positive, grounding ourselves, and acting on our goals- despite any astrological events (we’re looking at you Mercury in Retrograde) that might try to throw us. We’re starting refreshed and energized thanks to these fun links of the week. Enjoy and let us know which recipes you made, which articles you read, and who you followed on Instagram.


  1. What’s The Deal With Collagen? Do Supplements and Creams Really Work? Babe + Beauty Clears The Air.
  2. The Best Brows on Both Coasts… Jimena Brows Makes Getting Your Brows Done Something You Look Forward To.
  3. Need More Gluten-Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free Recipes? These Golden Fun-Time Balls and The New Kenko Kitchen Bliss Balls Cookbook Is A Must.
  4. We Love Clean Products And We Love Clean Cleaning Products! MBG Round-up The Best Non-Toxic Home Cleaners.
  5. The Balanced Blonde Gets Real Honest About Overcoming A Sugar Addiction. Let’s Do This Together!
  6. We Are So Proud Of Our Friends At CAP Beauty For Hosting A Beautiful (Healthy) Dinner Party To Celebrate Their New Book, High Vibrational Beauty,
  7. Friend to Follow: The Thirty. We love their #MyNextThirty takeovers, and just did one of our own to show you how to declutter your beauty routine.
  8. Another Friend, Taryn Toomey, Shares Her Idyllic Sunday on The NYT! Can We Join Next Weekend?
  9. Barney’s New York Jumps On The Clean Beauty Bandwagon and We Are STOKED!
  10. How A Beauty Brand Raised An Army of 30,000 Political Activists. *Slow Clap*

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The Clean Beauty Starter Pack

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