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Moment Minutes

In case it isn’t blatantly obvious from our daily Instagram posts (and sometimes the puffy circles lining our eyes), we spend a lot of time perusing the internet. In our quest to find the perfect Pinterest image or create an eye catching Youtube thumbnail for our weekly Wednesday video, we find a ton of really cool links to interesting internet people, online stores, and fun articles. These cool links needed to live somewhere. It began with a weekly roundup, every Friday, where the top link finds of the week would be sent around The Moment office to inspire, educate, or just make someone laugh. It brings a lot of joy to our week, so we thought, ‘Let’s share this with all of our Moment friends!’ With that said, we present to you our top links of the week in our Moment Minutes! Read, share, and enjoy!

Moment Minutes

Cool Links of the Week
  1. 3 Friends Head to The Dessert to Make an Insane Look Book, and Now We Kinda Want to Make One Too.
  2. Rethinking Fast Food in a Health Obsessed World.
  3. Our New Online Shop OBSESSION.
  4. Love Cooking just as Much as you love Movies? This Youtube Channel is your answer.
  5. EVERYONE Loves a Good Face Oil. Even Irish Rappers.
  6. Good News for Your Abs (or Lack There Of) – One Piece Bathing Suits Are Where it’s at This Summer.
  7. Beauty Marketing is Super Confusing – But Here’s the Break Down.
  8. Struggling to go Waste Free? Here’s your Solution.
  9. The Best Store in Brooklyn: Chic and Minimalist Meets Vintage Thrift.
  10. Bumping our Spofity Playlist All Summer Long!

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