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Everyday Oil is a staple in our skincare routine. Of course, that is along with trying to eat healthy, organic foods, breaking a sweat, staying hydrated, sleeping 8 hours a night and meditating. And with all those things to think about on a daily basis to keep our mind, body and hearts healthy, it’s very reliable (and let’s be real – very easy) to have one beauty product that you can use on the body and face for radiant, soft and glowing skin.

Everyday Oil is a delicious smelling concoction of organic oils that can be used on your face, hair and body! Created by the lovely, Emma Allen, simply because she couldn’t find anything else out there like it on the market. The ingredients are where the magic happens. Packed with organic ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil and argon oil, Everyday Oil boosts cell and collagen production, eases inflammation, resolves acne, and prevents hyper-pigmentation.

On a weekend morning in August, we went over to Emma’s house in Springs, NY for a cup of tea and to learn everything there is to know about Everyday Oil! We talked about her inspiration for creating the products, her beauty routines and tips for the best skin possible! Check out more details of our convo and be sure to purchase a few bottles for you & your loved one’s here.

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Amanda: What inspired you to launch Everyday Oil?

Emma: Well, it was really just something that I was making for myself for a really long time. Eventually, I was giving away so many bottles to friends and family and people were asking me for it so I knew for a while that I wanted to make it a product. I felt like it was something that didn’t exist and that people needed, so once I had some time, I figured out how to make it an actual thing!

Amanda: What was missing from the market that you wanted to provide?

Emma: There are not very many products that you can use all over. There is a lot of this idea that you have to have a slew of products in order to take care of your skin and in using Everyday Oil, I realized that that is actually not true. Oils are very traditional and in this blend, there are oils that are cleansing and antibacterial that actually balance your skin in a way that using soaps and then using lotions just can’t do. I just really loved that idea.

Laney: On your website, you say “don’t use a face wash”, so what is your beauty routine?

Emma: I just use the oils. I basically wash with water and then use the oils all over. You can use it as a makeup remover too so if you have a lot of make up on your face you can use it more like a traditional face wash where you wet your face, use the oils, wipe it off and put the oils on again. But if you have nothing on your skin, just wash your face with warm water and then put on the oils. You know, people always talk about this – French women just use warm water to wash their face, but I think that if you do use things on your skin, the oils work as a great make up remover. Traditional make up removers use mineral oil, which is a petroleum based oil, so Everyday Oil is a natural option.

Amanda: How did you become interested in learning about oils?

EmmaI took some classes, read some books. I became really interested in reading about the science behind the different oils.  I was unhappy with what I was finding on the market in terms of the quality, ingredients, scent, price point…and I decided to make my own. I want to take really good care of my skin, the best, and I think most people do – but once I learned more about the ingredients, I realized that a lot of really expensive skin care products just don’t back up their prices with their ingredients. There is this misconception that more expensive lines are actually higher quality when so many are just not.  I wanted to create the best possible all natural skin care product, but make it as accessible as possible as an alternative to that whole market.

Amanda: I completely understand, I used to spend all my money on brand name products when I was working in the makeup industry as a freelance makeup artist.

Emma: Of course, there are always going to be companies that are able to use a rare active ingredient, but a lot of times when you look at the ingredient list, 90% is water and a small percentage is the active ingredient.

Laney: Yeah, I really struggle with this as well.

Emma: Exactly and with oils, you are actually feeding your skin with really nice things, and I think as you get older and you try more products, you go through those brand name products and you look at your skin and it’s really no different than before.

Amanda: And that’s the thing… my skin has never been amazing. And that’s why I am in love with Everyday Oil, because my skin is actually the healthiest it’s ever been. I have to use oils because my skin is so much more healthy and radiant. I don’t use any other products now. Just Everyday Oil.

Emma: That’s amazing! I mean, I still like to try new products, but I like this idea that I have a product that I know works really well and that I can always have in my life. I know my skin won’t be amazing all the time.

Amanda: But it is, it’s glowing!

Emma: Oh, thank you!


For the rest of our conversation with Emma, check out our Tea Time with Emma where we talk about the best way to get those classic 90’s style bushy brows…

To purchase Everyday Oil click here

moment must: everyday oil

Many thanks to Emma Allen!

Photography: Sally Griffiths



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  • Wonderful oil. Terrible customer service from the company. Rude. Unproductive. No remorse over losing the order. I paid for large bottle. You’d think the staff would be more mindful of how they are experienced.

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