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Why do we celebrate love? What about love is there to celebrate? Here at The Moment HQ, we’re constantly thinking about what it means to love in life, in work, with food, in our relationships, and ourselves.

We have worked in environments that were not conducive to expressing our truest selves; we ate food that didn’t resonate with the natural genetics of our bodies; we put products on our skin that were filled with ingredients that were far from natural and healthy. Whether we knew it or not, we weren’t always loving ourselves. What we strive for now is a love-filled life with healthy lifestyles such as journaling, meditating, eating wellsharing food with loved ones, creating, buying local products to support those around us, and this is what we hope for all of you.

This is why The Moment was created. From this desire to fill our days with love. To fill our days with things that make us happy. To replace those things that once brought disruption and irritation. Every time we create something for The Moment, we are filled with love. Each moment that we spend on The Moment feels right and special. There’s a difference when you do something from needing to do it, and wanting to do it. We hope that this shows through our stories, recipes, profiles, features and studio work. And, we’re excited to share these moments with you.

The day of love is important to us.

Here’s our top five tips for a love-filled day:

  1. Take 30 minutes for you. Write a poem, for a loved one maybe. Take inspiration from some of our favorites: Rumi, William Carlos Williams, Pablo Neruda, E.E. Cummings. Take a bath, with bubbles. Journal, while sipping on a creamy elixir.
  2. Dress up for yourself, because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you make others around you feel good and that is what life is about — making people feel better.
  3. Add just a hint of sparkle. You are already beautiful, make up should be used to just enhance your natural beauty. Here are our favorite all-natural, toxin-free products.
  4. Make something in the kitchen that is super simple for your loved ones (or just for yourself…as we often do).
  5. Sweets for your sweets. Drizzled in honey and love.

We want to hear from you, what do you love and want to see more of on The Moment?



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