Laney Crowell shares her morning ritual in this weeks Letter from Laney to inspire wellness and well being

Morning Ritual

One morning last week, I pulled up Instagram, like always, and started watching the new Instastories that had popped up since the night before. Ksenia from Breakfast Criminals is one of my favorites to follow as she doesn’t take herself too seriously and is always making superfood-infused eats. This morning she had Danika Brysha from Model Meals take over her account to share her morning routine. I wasn’t familiar with Danika before, but after a little research, I found out she’s a Body Positive Model, Whole30 Coach, and a Self-Care Specialist. I was so taken by her and her routine that I decided right then and there to revamp my morning.

There was one part of Danika’s morning that really stood out for me. Since I work for myself, I tend to get a little sloppy with my time. Sometimes I’ll start replying to emails at 7am, sometimes I’ll work out, sometimes I’ll meditate, but there’s never any structure. I miss having a routine though, I’ve missed it for a while. So, this morning when Danika shared her morning check list, I was utterly inspired.

I’ve typed it up below and even downloaded Evernote so I can keep a log like Danika does. She uses this template and then copy and pastes it every day and fills it out. It’s so smart, and easy, and I just love it. And one thing I really like, is that you just do the best you can do, no judgement. Make sure you read her whole blog post that explains how she came up with this check list, it’s quite inspiring.

Since that fateful morning, I’ve been filling out my Daily Plan and have already noticed a difference. My days feel calmer and happier. I look forward to it each day. My favorite pieces to fill out are the affirmation and the biography. Usually I read a quote or someone says something to me that day before that inspires my prayer, and sometimes I’m rewriting pretty much exactly what I wrote previously. But, I think that’s the point. With repetition, your thoughts become real.

I hope that this helps you create your best life possible like it has mine. And always remember,  you are going enough. You ARE enough. And all the answers you need are already inside of you. You just need to create the space to listen. This will help.” – Danika Brysha



Goal for the year:

Goal for the month:

Top 3 To Do’s




Morning Routine


Clean Space









Plan Calendar for the day















Biography: Helane Crowell is ….



A note from my future (and how it FEELS)


End of Day


Evening Gratitude



The day’s takeaways and themes



Today I celebrate…



Work done at 7pm



*I edited this down a bit to make it realistic for me. I plan on adding to it as time goes on. Feel free to make it your own though!


Xx Laney

Special thanks to Danika Brysha and Ksenia for sharing this list!

Photo by  Austin Collins



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