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Natural Cures For Period Pain

I just got my period for the first time in a year and half. For someone who has the most regular cycle, it feels crazy to write that. I used to get my period every 28 days for 5-6 days like clockwork. Between my miscarriage, pregnancy, and then breastfeeding, it’s been a looooong time.

Like so many parts of pregnancy, it seems like nobody tells you how awful getting your period for the first time is. It’s extra painful, and very emotional, on a lot of levels. Since I had never suffered like this before, I asked you guys what your tips are for getting through these rough days and the answers were so good, I figured I’d share them here. I did a couple of them, and I can attest they are game changing, without an Advil in sight.


Studies show that acupuncture can reduce period pain by up to 50% !!! Reason enough to try it. I went to my healer today and it was a game changer. I left feeling like a new woman.

Hot Water Bottle

This was the most common piece of advice I got from you guys. When I looked it up, it turns out it’s proven to get rid of cramps on a molecular level just like a painkiller. How cool? Also of note, “hot water bottle period” is the first search result that comes up when you type in Hot Water Bottle!

Go Plant Based

According to some, eating plant based before and during your period can reduce cramps. It makes sense since animal protein can be hard to digest and can take energy away from your other organs. My instinct was to eat a little grass-fed red meat to replace the lost iron, but after reading up on it, I’m going to wait until after my period is over.


CBD is so buzzy right now so it makes sense that this would come up as a big recommendation. CBD oil has been linked to pain relief and anxiety relief, so I believe that it would work for period pain. When I looked it up, two interesting things came up: CBD suppositories by Foria and CBD tincture (concentrated CBD). Both are stronger than just CBD oil and the reviews are off the charts effective, but you need to get them where Cannabis is legal…


Ginger root has been shown to reduce period pain. It’s as simple as slicing it up and letting it soak in hot water to make tea, which is so easy and delicious. One of you also recommended mashing ginger, cooking it, and mixing it with honey which sounds amazing. Someone else recommended ginger pills, which would be easier than having to go out and get fresh ginger when you’re not feeling well.


I had never heard of Oona before but then I looked it up, and I can’t believe I’ve been in the dark this whole time. It’s a totally herbal and homeopathic remedy that can totally relieve your symptoms. It’s made from chaste tree, black cohosh and passionflower. Plus you can get them on Amazon, so easy!


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