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New Year Wellness Regimen

This week, Ingrid + Isabel asked me to write about my New Year wellness regimen to share on their blog for their #HealthyEqualsHappy campaign. I love the New Year, and I specifically cherish the opportunity to take a moment to reevaluation my wellness routine. People can get a little defensive about resolutions, feeling like you’ve failed if you break them. But I don’t choose to see it that way. I think of it as a reset, which quite honestly I do multiple times throughout the year. I was more than excited to share. Here’s a peek into some of the commitments I’m making to myself, and a general guide of the areas you can focus on too. You can get the full details of my New Year wellness regimen on the A Mother Is blog.


Focus on Food

When I read Dr. Will Cole’s book Ketotarian, so many light bulbs went off. I’ve always been a fan of low sugar dishes like the Avocado Hummus Kelly LeVeque made for us on The Moment, but I didn’t really understand the science behind why focusing on low glycemic foods is good for you. After reading his book I really started to understand why I should eat that way. After 2 weeks of going with the flow and eating what was available (or indulging because hey! it’s Christmas!) over the holidays, I’m so excited to go back to my Ketoarian routine. What does that mean? I focus on plant-based foods, lots of healthy fats, and protein-rich foods like eggs and nuts. Two recipes I make on repeat: RASA’s Cauliflower Soup and Skin Food Talk’s Spaghetti Squash.

Becoming a Ketotarian 5/7 days of the week changed the way I feel from the inside out, but maybe you get that same burst of energy from eating vegan 3 days a week or practicing intermittent fasting. Be mindful of your food but create habits that you actually enjoy and want to commit to. Because trust me, hardly anyone actually enjoys a juice cleanse, and the result is rarely worth the patience…. hence why no one STAYS on a juice cleanse or other overly limiting diets. We have to eat, we get to eat, it’s part of being a human. Choose food that feels good, while still tasting good.

Practice Thoughtful Beauty

I see a huge difference when I mask regularly with Manuka Honey. Quite honestly, it’s one of the most effective masks out there, and you can get it at Whole Foods! I discovered it at Cap Beauty when I told the saleswoman about my skin (sensitive, dry, and prone to breakouts). She recommended that I take home a jar of their Manuka Honey. It’s antibacterial, hence great for breakouts, super hydrating, and very soothing. I just got a new jar and put it next to my bath so I can incorporate it into my nightly bath routine.

I think the lesson here is, it can seem easier to grab the most buzzed about skincare products in hopes of it solving whatever skin issue you’re struggling with, but everyone’s skin is different. To treat it best, put in the time and effort to learn your skin type and what it responds well to. Sometimes the simplest ingredients produce the biggest results, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

New Year Wellness Regimen, The Moment, Laney Crowell, Clean Beauty, Non-toxic Beauty, Green Beauty, anti-new years resolution

Break Old Habits

I’m not a big drinker, never have been (if you don’t count college or the 10 years after:) I don’t like the way I feel the next day and I don’t appreciate the extra calories. Over the holidays I always end up drinking more than usual. More dinners out, more parties, and before I know it one glass of wine a week turns into one glass of wine a night. As with lots of things, I respond best to firm boundaries. I do great when I have strict rules, which is why for January and February I’m doing zero alcohol. We’ll see if I can bring that into the rest of the year. If not, it’s ok. I know I’m going to feel so great taking the two months off.

Cutting something like alcohol out of my routine helps to build will power. It’s refraining from falling into automated habits, like drinking a glass of wine at a work dinner. A short break helps me reset these habits. For you, it may be sugar, caffeine, biting your nails, or constantly reverting to negative thoughts. Try to be more conscious when you find yourself gravitating towards these old habits, and choose a different path. Keep it up for a few months and the habit will be broken!

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New Year Wellness Regimen

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