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New Zealand-Girl Hair

In French, the word Sans means, without. So much of the discussion around beauty products is dominated by what’s added, or what’s extra. Just the other day I saw an ad for a new mask that claimed to use real kiwi seeds. I thought to myself.. that’s nice, but what did they leave out? They added this beautiful, natural ingredient, but what difference does it make when the base of the mask is full of harmful chemicals?

The ethos of New Zealand haircare line Sans [ceuticals] is about formulating lush products without harmful additives. When you don’t have to worry about toxic additives, it gives us the room to celebrate the gorgeous, naturally derived ingredients that remain. The Nourishing Hair Wash and Hydratant use Sugar Beat Extract to draw moisture into your hair and Vitamin B5 to add shine. They’ve been sitting in my shower for two months now and I can’t get enough. Now don’t let the ingredient list scare you; there are a lot of confusing, foreign words on the SC ingredient list, but they are all naturally derived chemicals (safe, synthetic chemicals that are derived from nature. Every ingredient is a chemical, all have chemical formulas, but not all are bad!) that rate a 1 average on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. Sans [ceuticals] is so confident and proud of their ingredients that they put together their own glossary to explain each ingredient, and exactly why it’s added, and from where it’s derived.

The founder, Lucy Vincent, is pioneering a career in making women look as chic and effortless as a French Girl, without harmful additives- call it the New Zealand-Girl look; A little more earthy, without compromising on the chic factor. To show us how it’s done, we asked Lucy to recommend a go-to hair style that fits into any and all situations. The Low Circle Clip pony was her answer. It’s mature enough for a meeting, sultry enough for a date, and realllly good at covering up morning bed head.


The Low Circle Clip:

A quick and easy solution for morning hair that will take only minutes.

Step 1

Section off front of hair and place to one side.

Step 2

Take the remaining back section and push into the nape of the neck. Press through circle clip.

Step 3

Slide wooden pin underneath hair to the other side – until angle of the pin hits side of clip.

Step 4

Take the front section and loosely pin behind circle clip, gentle fly-aways are encouraged.

Step 5

Pull down on pony tail to secure circle clip.

Special thanks to Lucy Vincent!

Photo and Video via Sans [Ceuticals]




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