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Laundry Room Clean Up

Going through the checklist of what we have yet to clean up in our daily lives, we realized that we hadn’t done much with our laundry routine. We dove into researching the best non-toxic laundry detergent, dryer balls, and what to do when the laundry just keeps piling up. Here’s what we found, and we’d love your tips as well! Leave them in the comments or on our Instagram 🙂


Dryer Balls

We’re dryer ball obsessed. Natural Thriving makes high-quality, organic wool dryer balls that naturally soften your laundry without the need for fabric softener or dryer sheets. So your clothes never wrinkle or static. They even reduce drying time which saves on excessive energy use.

The first 25 people to use our code get 20% off… TMDRY20.

Laundry Basket

If you’re in the market for a new laundry basket, consider one from Maison Bengal which uses locally-grown seagrass and fair trade practices to hand-weave their beautiful baskets in Bangladesh. The perfect addition to any laundry room.

Linen Water

Common Good makes a whole bunch of really lovely home products, their Linen Water being one of them! Lightly spray over your clothes and fabrics to refresh them, or add to your steam iron or dryer to douse your clothes in a light and beautiful essential oil scent; they offer bergamot and lavender. This came highly recommended by our friend Jenna Hershey– who is a pro at detoxing home products.

Laundry Detergent

We’ve done a lot of research, and our top non-toxic laundry detergent is from Branch Basics. Their Concentrate is a super powerful (but safe) multi-purpose cleaner. Think Dr. Bronners… but more thoughtful. A capful in your washer breaks down stains and oil stains and replaces your toxic detergent.


You really don’t need bleach to get your whites super white. Branch Basic’s Oxygen Boost is just as effective while being much safer for you and your family. The secret is baking soda! Use it in your laundry load, directly on stubborn spots to remover stains, or on carpet and bathroom tile to make them really shine.

We got to talk to the founders of Branch Basics and here is what they had to say:


Laney: Why is it important to use non-toxic cleaning products?

Marilee + Kelly: Today, most Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors, and our indoor air quality is 2 to 200 times more polluted than outside our windows! Many of the products in our homes – cleaning products, pest-control sprays, scented candles, laundry detergents, new carpet, and more – are filled with harmful chemicals that create a low-level chemical soup in the home that take a relentless toll on our immune systems.

When we remove products with harmful chemicals that undermine our health and replace with cleaning products that are non-toxic, our immune systems are relieved of the stress and energy the body had been using to detoxify those chemicals. The energy that was tied up with detoxification is now released for maintaining the integrity of the immune system and the healing/repair of the body. Removing toxic pesticides, detergents, and cleaners from your home and replacing them with non-toxic alternatives could even be enough to end congestion, headaches, allergic reactions, asthma, mood swings, etc. We just don’t realize how much these chemicals are impacting us until they are removed!

Laney: Any secret tips they have around doing your laundry or getting it done without piling up?

Marilee + Kelly: This is a hard one! We don’t have any magic tricks, as it’s easy to let the piles build, but we find that scheduling a day or two during the week to throw in a few loads and then having helpers (kids or partners!) assist with the folding and putting away helps exponentially! 

Special thanks to Deb from Natural Thriving, and Marilee and Kelly!



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