Activate Your Lymphatic System With Olio Maestro

Activate Your Lymphatic System With Olio Maestro

If you were to read: reduces fat, melts fluid, trims fat, you would guess that you’re reading a sketchy ad for some sort of diet pill, right? Because as we all know, when the claims are too good to be true, they usually are. Well, it turns out we’ve found a product that actually does all those things, and it’s clean and non-toxic! Jasmine Scalesciani-Hawken, the founder of Olio Maestro, is a nutritionist guru who started making her oils exclusively for her clients who were trying to battle cellulite. Because of her background (her dad has been making skincare in Italy for over 30 years), she knew exactly what plants to use, what synthetics and fillers to keep out (read: all of them), and how to activate your lymphatic system to smooth everything out. After testing the Anti Cellulite oil and seeing awesome results, we had to talk to Jasmine and demystify this whole cellulite/ lymphatic system conversation:


Laney: Ok, so let’s get right to it, can you get rid of cellulite, yes or no? Or is it more complicated than that?

Jasmine: Yes and… it’s more complicated than that.

Cellulite occurs for over 90% of women regardless on whether you are skinny or overweight. So the first thing I would say is that we could benefit from changing our relationship to this natural occurrence and bring in a little bit more self-acceptance to these areas.

However from purely a wellness perspective you want to think of cellulite as a system. Comprised of the layers of skin (inner and outer), the lymphatic flow, and the septa or connective tissue. If you’re looking to eradicate the orange-peel look you want to understand that this system is interconnected and needs to be worked-out in the same way you would workout any muscle you want toned.


Laney: Makes total sense! Now that I think about it, we’re not even sure we know what cellulite is or what the cause of it is?

Jasmine: Cellulite is caused by a variety of factors: stiffened connective tissue, excess fat, inflammation, weakened micro-biome, and slow moving lymphatic flow.

Stiffened Connective Tissue

In women the connective tissue (also known as septa or sometimes fascia) has a “X” formation where as in men the septa lies in a straight line. This is why if there is any extra fat, it will get lodged in-between the septa and have a visible “cottage cheese” appearance for women.

Excess Fat

What I mean by excess fat is fat that has become lodged into the stiffened connective tissue. One of the biggest issues we face in our modern world is the assault from man-made chemicals we are being exposed to daily. The body in its innate wisdom always protects the vital organs from foreign invaders by wrapping toxins in fat and moving these to the periphery of the body. This is why it is sometimes hard to loose extra weight because we are chemically overburdened.


Poor lymphatic flow and poor blood circulation, both caused in part by a stiffened septa and overburdened lymph system puts stress on the tissues and causes inflammation.


We often hear about the micro-biome of the gut but we have friendly bacteria on our skin covering our entire bodies. This bacteria protects our skin from foreign invaders. Due to the chemicals we are exposed, to we weaken this natural protection and cause a slower lymphatic flow.

Lympahtic System

One of the most important organs in our bodies, this system is twice as large as our arterial system and is in essence what keeps us healthy by draining out the excess waste from our body. When the lymph gets blocked or backed-up it inevitably will cause the appearance of cellulite.


Laney: What are your 5 tips for improving the appearance of cellulite?

Jasmine: I designed The Olio Maestro system to work directly on the matrix of causes described above. 1. The carrier oils in the products feed the micro-biome of the skin creating a first layer of protection. 2. The carriers are also infused with potent botanicals that address the underlying causes of water retention and cellulite. They soften the septa, decrease inflammation, and act as a workout for the lymphatic system to mobilize lymph flow. 3. Additionally the ingredients have thermogenic effects that support the burning of fat, increase circulation and relieve inflammation.

The 6-week program also consists of a depurative tea that will help release water weight. And the suction cup helps to break-up the stiffened septa, smooth out the skin and release fat.

Other things that are helpful to improve the appearance of cellulite are:

  • Staying hydrated and drinking good quality structured water
  • Avoiding sugars and inflammatory, hard to digest foods
  • Laughing and deep breathing (simple things) help to move lymph – the more the lymph is flowing freely the more chances you have of lessening the appearance of cellulite
  • Fasting every now and then
  •  Maintaining a diet rich in fiber that feeds the friendly bacteria, protects the gut-lining and consequently maintains the optimal health of the lymphatic system

Laney: The lymphatic system is something we’re so curious about. How do we make it perform at it’s best?

Jasmine: Because of the amount of chemicals in our food, air, water and environment I strongly recommend fasting 1 to 2 times a year on green juices to cleanse the body.

Rather than sitting all day long or standing at a standing desk all day long, the movement between sitting and standing is what moves the lymph. So consider moving your work position every 15 minutes or so if you can.

Deep breathing moves lymph, so does laughing. So does the turbo-sonic machine if you’re more into tech!

Infrared saunas and ice baths are another great way to move lymph.

Laney: People say there are certain foods that affect cellulite… As a nutritionist I’m sure you have thoughts on this.

Jasmine: Absolutely! Hard to digest foods such as wheat and dairy may sit undigested in the gut, damage the lining and overburden the lymphatic system that sits right alongside the gut wall causing a slower lymph flow.

A low glycemic diet is also one of the most fundamental principles to good health and beauty from the inside out. We cannot really achieve glowing skin and a cellulite-free body if we create inflammation via sugars.


Laney: You do a lot of work coaching people through fasts. Who should consider fasting and why?

Jasmine: Anyone unless pregnant or breastfeeding. And if under some kind of medication I recommend fasting under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Obviously I would not recommend fasting to someone that is underweight.

Fasting has been done for centuries and is nature’s reliable way to expel excess toxins and rejuvenate the body. However I will say that 2 out of 3 people I’ve known to fast they will not do it correctly. The most important aspect of fasting is actually detoxification and this can only be achieved if you actively remove the toxins being released during a fast via all the organs of elimination and metabolic enzymes.

This is an entire subject I am most passionate about and would require another 2 pages. However, for anyone interested, I will be sharing more about my fasting protocol in a course on the website, which will be released early next year.

Laney:. Tell us about the Anti Cellulite for Olio Maestro? How did you come up with the idea?

Jasmine: This product is something I developed and perfected over the years and used to give to my nutrition clients as a way to support their detoxification process, to stimulate lymph, and jump-start their weight loss goals. It has worked for so many men and women over the years that I decided to make it available for all.

Laney: Because of your background, I’m sure ingredients are important to you. How do you source your ingredients?

Jasmine: Every single ingredient is 100% organic or wild-crafted, pure and free of excipients.

Laney: How do you stay in the moment?

Jasmine: I’ve come to see that the moment is all there is and so I am simply a witness of life at this point… in whatever form it wishes to take I yield to it.

Special thanks to Jasmine!

Photo courtesy of Olio Maestro



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